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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Life is but a Vapour

Friday, December 14, 2007

Life is but a Vapour
Some urgent Heavy duty prayer requests for our praying friends. Our container with Christmas Shoeboxes and hardback Bibles is in Tegu customs and they want to move it before friday. They have rejected our attempts to bond it out and wait for paperwork. They say our tax numbers are no good right now. They want to charge the commercial rate of 35% of the declared value of $25,000…Near $9000. No way we can pay that for things to give away for free. Our lawyer is revising the senders paperwork to devalue the contents in hopes to drop the price to $2-3000 Still difficult amount….And it needs to be paid by Friday or $100+ per day storage will be added. So it is in the LORD hands I know. $3000 will build near half a church in Colonia or LaCruz Baptist….We struggle so hard with funds, for ministry, right now we are stretching funds to the limit to start projects in hopes the LORD continues to provide…. So giving money to the government is a hard thing to swallow, simply because a lawyer did not do their job right months ago and assured us up to the moment the container arrived we were all set and would have no problems importing for non profit. Need help, advice and prayers quickly….
Another somewhat urgent request, Bessy and Iris may be coming back. They are the 2 little girls whom their mother tried to sell but was caught by the authorities. What is hard to believe she is not in jail… but now a traffic policeman. The authorities left a message and pleading with us to take them back. Whoever the institution that was suppose to take them backed out...Why I do not know. On the way out of the city their mom saw us and flagged us down. She began weeping uncontrollably and apologized for all the problems she caused last time and plead with us to take them back. Not sure why the change of heart or what is the total story is right now so I need a hedge of protection and an abundance of wisdom. We are scheduling a meeting with the judge with all present, so that everyone is in total understanding.
Another need is Ana Cristina. She and her family visited last night in church. She was the baby who received the heart surgery a year ago that saved her life. She was only days away from a point of no return with just a very short time to live...1-2 weeks according to the doctors. It is now a year later and she is due to be reexamined. She looks very good, beginning to grow and develop more normally, talking now, and the parents take her to phy/therapy weekly.... but the doctors who did the surgery in Guatemala want to run tests to be sure. To make sure no other surgery is needed. They said this a year ago as well. It has the parents worried because they do not have funds to get her there, or for the Guatemala state hospital fees (the doctor is free)...Hence the plea. After much pleading from the parents, I told them I would put out the plea and see what happens. I do not know the exact costs but know they are less than $500 for the exams and transportation. Do not feel obligated..(Unless it is the Holy Spirit) I am not expecting anything from anyone, but needed to fulfill a promise of intercession and let the LORD work.
Still need lots of materials to begin building church buildings both in the city and out. A long list but highlights are: Aprox 8000 blocks, 5000 roof tiles 300 roof panels, 500 bags of cement many truckloads of sand and gravel(all mixed by hand)100’s sticks of rebar. No one item is expensive but when you need 1000 of something not expensive…suddenly its real money. Then there is the backhoe… Plus we plan on starting the Children’s Lighthouse in January. So much to do and so little to do it with….Must be God’s Work …Amen!Thank you all, your prayers availeth much!
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie


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