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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blessed are the Poor...

I’ve spent a lot of time out at the Lighthouse property lately. Things are still progressing but since letting the family go that was caring and guarding the property, we have had to take on that responsibility. It is quite time consuming, separating the family, eating up more resources, but needful. Barry Jr and I chased 3 men sneaking around the property this week, as well as some teenagers a few days later. Then there are the animals getting into everything ect. So this affects family time, computer and communication time, study time ect. The completion of the Lighthouse is still a ways off at our current rate.The kids are in school now yet we still have not gotten everything they need. Several children have worn out, broken or lost shoes and uniforms already…Like the sock eating drier only it is a clothe destroying property and school yard. I have never seen children that can wear the soles off of shoes in 3 weeks, but our can. Then again Honduras is just as hard on tires. Had to replace 2 tire on the kia again. Rocks, rock everywhere.

The ladies of La Cruz Baptist had a special service up in Colonia Fountain of Life Baptist and 2 ladies trusted the LORD and 7 came forward to make things right with the LORD. AMEN!
Sayder needed stitches in his hand while the windows were being installed…playing to close to the workers truck and fell into fresh cut glass. Of course it has to happen right before going to church. Lisa squeezed out a birthday party at the new school for Karen.
Electric transformer is wire to the building, Doors are installed on the dorm side of the building, allowing a measure of security. In a lighthouse and boat theme. They will look nice when Lisa is done painting them. Still need security fencing around the building and to repair the barb wire around the property. The bathrooms now have tile on the walls and floors. Ready for toilets and sinks now. What one has to do for security here is way beyond what I am accustom to. If it is not locked up, welded down and sat on someone will try to steal it…no matter what it is. In the USA, I left my key in the ignition of my cars for years without removing them…here you have to lock one side just to walk to the other side. I left my cell phone on my seat and stepped out of the van. I was no more than 4 feet away from the door for 20-30 seconds…phone gone. Tried calling it, a girl answered saying for $200 they would return it…I now have a new phone, it was cheaper. Just another expense we do not have funds for. Tires, phone, school clothes, it adds up quick. I recently had someone make the statement to me. “Brother maybe the LORD wants you poor.” Still not sure what to think of that statement but it has hung with me and I have pondered it. Never thought of ourselves as poor, though the entire ministry runs on less than a family on welfare in the USA would bring in. Nearly all that we get goes to ministry in some form. Lisa and I rarely, if ever, purchase things just for ourselves. Everything is measured for ministry value. Almost everything we have has been donated…even our underwear. I do not think one can be “poor” as a servant living in the Masters house and being allowed to partake of His table and abundance. Amen. Now our passport are due and resident visas must be renewed. More funds not in the budget.

Finally got back to preaching last night, teaching a series on separation. We had surprise visitors, 2 southern Baptist pastors who came to ask for tracts and Bibles. I would not talk with them until after the service. Both said afterward that was a very strong message and they had never heard that before…hmm imagine that. My people perish for a lack of knowledge…
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie


At March 13, 2009 at 5:24 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Wow, words can't even say what you all need over there... But I'm praising the Lord that HE alone knows and is able to provide your EVERY need in His timing. You've been in my thoughts and prayers the past few days...I didn't know why, but figured that lots must be going on...now I know. Thanks for the update..."keep pressing toward the mark, for the prize and high calling"

God bless, Love and prayers...
Susanna and family!


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