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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Shoeboxes

Directline Ministries sent Christmas Shoeboxes this year. What a blessing! What a lot of Work! What Joy it brought! It is well worth it. Please do it again next year! We have been up and down the mountains for days starting at 5 in the morning till dark delivering presents, food, Bibles and the gospel for Christmas. Four mothers came to know the LORD after Carlos preached in Lenaca. Many of the Honduran children we deal with are in extreme poverty. For most of these children this shoebox is ALL they will get for Christmas. I just want to thank Directline Ministries http://www.directlineministry.com/ and all those who helped. Your rewards are eternal. Amen.

Another Christmas present, Iris and Bessy are back!…For good this time we hope. The meetings went well and everyone seems on the same page this time. These two little girls have been starved for the last year…not physically but emotionally and spiritually. They are extremely clingy and just want to be hugged and held constantly since returning. Iris told me she had not had a hug, heard "I love you" or been to church since leaving last year. As I sat in the meetings and began to hear the testimony of Iris living with various families you knew the Holy Spirit had been with her. This little girl who had only been a Christian for a short time before she left, was the light wherever she stayed. Now she feels home…and safe. Amen. When your hugging one of these abused children… enjoying the joy of the moment, and you realize this is your job… All you can do is fight back tears and say Thank you LORD for using me.

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour


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What is good to put in a shoebox?


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