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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We are now recovered from the American presence and noses are back to the grindstone. No impressive photos yet this week it has been just uninspiring grunt work. Things that do not show well on camera, painting welds, filing concrete gaps, moving rocks, laying a septic field, making metal grids to go into the concrete ect. All the must need things that are lots of work but not much to show. The plan is to begin putting up roof panels today. We shall see. Our best worker, Gabriel, has been out a week due to malaria. Hope he is better soon. We took care of his family this week.
Even with all this the other things continue, regular church services. One of our Mormon neighbors came and trusted Christ as Saviour. At the end of service during invitation you could see the Holy Spirit working on her during which she asked publicly some open questions about her religion, when I answered biblically, she was confronted with a crossroad, and she chose the right direction, amen.
The Bible Institute runs 3x a week. Our men continue to go to Colonia and are planning something for mothers day there. The Kia lost a belt after dropping the children off at school, a bearing froze up and the belts are already heat checked from the weather here, time for maintenance, still need to fix/replace the 3 bent wheels from the last trip up the mountain as well.

When your nose is on the grindstone all you see and know are the sparks, heat and pressure; but when you have the opportunity to step back, you can see the wonderful hand of God on his creation. Example:

Five of the children needed plants and flowers for a school project. I took them to the property last evening to pick them. While the men were finishing up work, the children began playing on the big retaining wall, climbing and jumping in unision, laughter and giggles. I was sitting looking in amazment at all the LORD has done thus far here in Honduras, making melody in my heart. Then when I though it could not get sweeter they went to the top and sat to see the sunset then started singing church songs….just as the sun sat they all jumped down and ran to give me a hug, saying "I Love You Papi" in front of all the workers. As an old friend who is now a pastor used to say it just gets gooder and gooder…Amen


At April 30, 2008 at 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How awesome and how sweet, the Lord sure has done a good work! Jamie and I loved the photo's.


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