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Monday, December 24, 2007

La Cruz Baptist Christmas

What does my wife want for today our 25th wedding anniversary? ...Sleep.
It has been an extremely hard week but fruit abounds. Looking through the photos I found the first two of Bessy and Iris from the first day back in Wednesday services… I think Iris was comfortable in Papi’s arms… Amen. She hugged me for an hour.

Sunday services for La Cruz Baptist were held at the Children’s Lighthouse Property. We had near 250 people for bring a friend day for Christmas…Lisa fed everyone, for those that know that is a feat, it is basically on a campfire with handmade aluminum pots. Lisa, with Irmita and Blanca made not just a simple meal but Beef stew over rice, plus snack of turkey soup and turkey salad on crackers, cake… the works for Christmas. Shoeboxes were handed out by the dozens and smiles and joy filled the air. Carlos preached and 5 men came forward for salvation. Carlos preached for 1.5 hours, even I sinned in thinking wow this is long some of the children are not attentive...till 5 men came forward and the Holy Spirit kicked me saying...it was for the men. One member brought 25 visitors for a contest for a christmas basket…well she invited them I brought them in the Kia truck/bus…all of them, 40+ at a time to the property, past police checkpoint that just waved. Dropped 2 families off to work at 7am ours and Omar's. Started picking up at 9:00 for services at 1:00. I rolled the Kia into the house about 8pm after dropping the last ones off…Wonder why we only have one service on Sunday? It was a very special day for me. Carlos asked for songs or testimonies. Iris leaned over and whispered "Can I sing papi? Surprised I said “Sure”. “But I’m scared”. I said “it is your choice”. “I want to for you papi and the Lord”. She then went forward …It was glorious and I had to fight tears. She has only been "home"4 days. Blanca, the now young lady who is sponsored in school through the Children’s Lighthouse, also came forward to sing. It was very emotional, tear welting up in numerous folks and by the end most were singing with her “How Great thou Art.”. It is a blessed thing to be allowed to see the eternal fruit of your labor this side of heaven….

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour



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