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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wise Man "Built"....

The teen youth outreach brought in several dozen young people from the mountain and the city to the Lighthouse property. The rainy afternoon was filled with 3 preaching and teaching times (2.5 hours) and some fun stuff. Sasha taught the girls, Pastor Ramon taught the boys and I preached the final message…. "It all goes in the box", using a real coffin. All enjoyed it it was simple to understand with 10 coming to know Christ and others surrendering to His will…The Holy Spirit is still at work. Amen. Everyone wanted to come back and invite their friends next time….
In other news~~

The wise man built…past tense(Not building), he was not in the middle of building nor does it say there was 2 tropical storm/hurricanes back to back…now that that is cleared up. Besides one side IS literally built on a rock, jack hammered holes and steel cemented into it, attached to the rebar in the foundation. That’s for the friends who might be inclined to say a few words of, uhem… encouragement. :) Anywho, disaster struck the front side on the kitchen building. As with any event it is rarely just one thing the cause, but a series of things coming together to have an effect. The building was not roofed in yet. The top corners had not been tied together yet, waiting on the steel to be finished, not one but 2 major storms back to back filling the inside with water, 55 truck loads of material driving around on soaked ground near a new foundation and wall…not even cured yet. Plus a few more issues all led up a ground shift and crack, a giant v shape right to the top corners over the weekend. The men seem unphased and had much of it torn out by the time I returned with a camera. It should be rebuilt in a week but it is yet another major hit on finances and will now again strain us to finish. The site work to repair rain damage plus the rebuilding of the front wall is thousands. It’s all in the LORDs control he controls the wind and the seas…AAmen. I am sure certain high places were not pleased with its use on Saturday ushering souls into the Kingdom...Amen and Amen.

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour


At June 4, 2008 at 6:25 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

Praise God that more people got saved!!!

We are praying for you all and that you can get the building fixed and finished soon...I only wish I was there to help. God Bless you all.

Your in our prayers...

At June 4, 2008 at 9:44 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Things never seem to cease happening over there!....sorry about the damage done on the building. But, Praise God that He does have everything in HIS hands!!

Praise the Lord that more souls were added to His kingdom!!

Thanks for posting! We'll continue to be praying for you all!
God Bless you as you continue to serve him1


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