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Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Redistributing wealth...

Just redistributing wealth… Trying to convert that which we are providentially blessed with, into heavenly treasure before Ceaser renders it as his to distribute. The church and missionaries, the true redistributors of wealth as it should be. From a cheerful free will as unto the LORD, through those you trust, to help those you desire to help. We have been having issues with importing our container and those in authority are redistributing our woefully lacking wealth. So far it has cost $200 for paperwork, $500 for trucking and $640 for inspection. Not including the $4500 for “door to door” shipping and were not done Another container is coming in 20 days with food and Christmas Shoeboxes AAmen!
(Added)The container arrived! And with our small army was unloaded in 2 .5 hours. The truck driver took one of the Books of John to read. We now have 200 folding chairs, and round folding tables, 103,000 Books of John, a mower, risograph, bicycles, 2 pianos and corn Amen! One pallet weighed 1500lbs and I had to hook to it and drag it out... I was done working after that. The children's many small hands made easy work of the Bibles and corn. We tried to get Carlos to help but he just sat around...haha. For those that do not know he is in a wheelchair but is invaluable to the ministry. A true blessing and friend.

Iris is sick but doing ok. She is in a battle with amebic dysentery we think she got it visiting her mom. Thankfully the meds seem to be working and we caught it early.

Before the container arrives we had to put 4 loads of fill in the driveway of crushed stone…without a machine to crush it. We went to a quarry and picked axed it out, and loaded it in the kia. Then used a 12lb sled hammer to break it up in the driveway. It is much heavier than sand. The kia’s whopping 83hp motor almost did not want to move on flat ground in 4wd low(the men needed to push to get us going). It had to be near 10,000lbs of crushed stone in each load, the front tires floated off the ground when I backed down the drive and stopped. Good thing I am a big guy sitting over the front wheels, wee. And of course we cut one of the new tires on the sharp rocks. Welcome to Honduras. Would you do that with your Ford Ranger, S10 or Toyota in the USA? Even a 400hp super duty Ford would struggle. “I think I can I think I can” has become the kia’s motto…hmm wonder if I can move the 40’ empty container we have with it?

The office walls in the Children’s Lighthouse are up and the men are putting a stucco coating that gives a finished look. The pila for washing outdoors is also starting to take shape. Still waiting for the LORD to provide doors, windows, well, tile, toilets ect. so we can move in. We are getting overwhelmed with ants that eat wood and bite the kids. They even began to eat our Bibles in the bodega so we found it necessary to buy a quality sprayer and chemicals to fight back…


At October 31, 2008 at 4:32 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Please tell Iris we are praying for her and hope she feels better.

It's amazing what you all are getting done down there. I wish I was there to help =(.

God Bless. Love and Prayers, Hannah

At November 1, 2008 at 5:22 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Thanks for the update again!
It's always a blessing to be able to keep updated on what's going on over there!
Tell Iris that I'll be praying for her, and hope that she gets better soon!!

Praise God for the progress that has been made so far! And for allowing the container to finally get there!!
You'll all be in our prayers!!

God bless you as you continue serving him!!

Love and prayers!

At November 1, 2008 at 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible. Jamie said for me to say Hi. We have often thought of coming down there to work along side of you.


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