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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Progress Aug 26, 2008

For those asking about info and progress of the Children’s Lighthouse. It will be a home and eventually a school for abused, neglected, abandoned and orphaned children of Choluteca. The Lighthouse works through the government and all children are placed by court order. The home will grow in number of children as the LORD provides the resources to do so. The facility being built is capable of 50-100 children, as the LORD paves the way. Our temporary rented house in the city is “cozy” with as many as 18 living in it. We may build small out buildings(homes), housing families as well in the future. Our desire is to keep it formed as family units, so the children coming in, can learn to replicate how they lived in the lighthouse, out in the world as adults. Why? Because God ordained the family to train up children not an institution and this is the model we will strive to uphold. If you would like a heart wrenching dvd presentation of some of the children in the Children’s Lighthouse just click on the “Ways you can help” link and email us. And please share it with your church, family and friends. We need the prayer and support to continue day by day in faith.

The current progress is:

1 Foundation, Walls, Floors poured and Roof are on the dorms, classes, kitchen and great room (That’s more than 500,000 lbs of cement, sand, gravel, steel, mixed and poured by hand)
2 Dorms/kitchen electric has been wired just waiting for the appropriate time to have it turned on
3 Septic system is built and plumbed to building, rough plumbing is in
4 Water is to building(but not drinkable due to open well)
5 Retaining walls are 90% complete
6 Water drainage/runoff is 90% and functioning
7 Site work is completed

8 Center courtyard and entry is poured

The things yet to complete:

1 Doors and Windows (a major undertaking)
2 Water well for drinking water
3 Fixtures, sinks, toilets, fans, A/C lighting ect.
4 Appliances, stove, fridge, utensils, ect
5 Pour concrete floor above kitchen and wall in office space
6 Stairs to living room and office area
7 Build walls layout in dorms
8 Furniture and bedding
9 Complete driveway
10 Finish Retaining wall and drainage behind building
11 Outdoor wood kitchen- Needs roof and oven built (this saves on electric for daily cook needs)
12 Tile floors
13 Wall in/divide classrooms
14 Wire classrooms
15 Not including the daily housing expenses food, clothing, schooling, electric…

A heart felt thank you to all the ministering saints who are making this possible
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie


At August 27, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Praise God for all of the progress that you've made so far!

God bless...

At August 28, 2008 at 7:47 PM, Blogger CindyNH said...

Great news, and how is Sasha doing??


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