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Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Living by Faith

Just living by faith and following.

News Bullets:

*The doctors left Colonia and Carlos returned and used their testimony to preach a strong message Saturday. During the invitation three women who had been feuding fell under conviction stood and confessed it before the congregation and hugged each other…So the doctors left fruit that remains.

*We also started a boys ministry to teach the young men the ways of the LORD. The goal is to work them and teach them. In this way the boys learn skills of living and Biblical precepts. The young men are the first ones a church looses to the world…and only a few return. We hope to ebb this flow. Our first project is to get the donated raft going and use it for some outreaches. If it goes well then we will use the boys to do projects for church members, ministry ect. Ie. fix a roof or clean or plant or? This allows some of our men to teach what the LORD has done for them as well.

*The children were washing dishes and Julie stepped back, stumbled and sat in a 5 gal bucket. She playfully yelled she was stuck and needed help so I grabbed the bucket and put her in the shower to fill the bucket with water and float her out…Wasn’t what she expected but everyone enjoyed the show. Bessy and Iris both sat in other buckets and started to yell help me!

*We finally received a donated box that came from NH. Filled with all kinds of stuff. Lisa has yet to search through it because she is still under the weather not recovered from pneumonia.

*Pastor Santos in the mountain called last night panicked. The church building they are in is borrowed and the owners said they either had to buy it or move out. They will meet with the owners Wednesday to find out details Santos and Carlos think it should only be $2-3000 dollars for the building and land but the church is as poor as they come and could not even come up with two hundred dollars.

*The drunk man a few weeks ago that was yelling in our windows demanding food and money...Is sueing us for non payment and filed a case with the labor department, saying we never paid him his wages. No one had ever seen him before but he came to church a couple of times and we thought "wow great", but he was only fishing for information to file his claim. We were served papers and now must make and appointment and possably hire a lawyer...oh joy. Just another attack looking for weakness in the armor. We always need prayer.

*The Children’s Lighthouse project will stop at the end of this week and begin to wait on the LORD for the next step. We have expended the funds designated for it and cannot keep the men working. I have been amazed at how much the LORD has done to this point and know he will provide. They were pouring the center courtyard pad of cement and we had the children put their hands in the wet cement as a reminder. Lisa wrote

3 John 1:4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. Amen…

The last few days of the month are the hardest because the money runs out before the month does. With all the price increases our bills this month still got paid, but it shorted us in other areas. Today was a new experience we had to tell the bread and water man not to leave any this week…So just living by faith. What the LORD has done here is so far beyond us and our ability. To God be the Glory.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,



At August 26, 2008 at 5:19 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Hi Ritchie Family!
Thanking God for the progress that has been made on the building etc.
And that more souls are still being saved! God is so good!

Will be praying for you as you continue to serve Him!


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