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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blessing a Flowing and Needs a Growing

We have had a run of wonderful blessings and opportunities. The second container is preparing to leave soon. It will be filled with lots of good stuff. The shoeboxes -1500+ this year! A donated front end loader attachment for the tractor/mower- Amen, Also a farm type 4 wheeler ATV and an atv dump wagon to move stuff… If we have been moving a mountain by hand…look out when these get working, donated clothes for the kids, other equipment that is costly here and more, AMEN!!
Pray the relief food is available to ship , it is the only worry at this point. God knows our needs, and to emphases this point he laid on a man’s heart to visit and say thank you Friday. We gave food and helped him out near Marcovia a few months back. That area flooded and a rescue boat turned over getting them out. He lost his wife and 3 children. Only he and his young daughter survived. His only reason to visit was to say thank you for the food and help…humbling. We are just pvc pipe used of the LORD.

The Risogragh printing press is already earning its keep. Lisa began to print new hymnals for all the churches on the Risogragh that was sent in the last container, as well as printing a monthly new family devotional book we made and will share with 6 churches. Amen!

Ministering Saints also offered $1500 toward a church building project, Amen. This has been heavy on my mind as of late. We desperately need 3 church facilities…

On that note. Yet another huge opportunity has surfaced. A church property near the Children’s Lighthouse has come up for sale. Already has a building, electric, water well, right on the same road as the Lighthouse, only 2 miles away… Asking price $7900. We were wanting to start a ministry out there in San Geronimo. The well is worth $3-5000, the building would take $5-7000 or more to build one like it, plus the value of the 1.5 ac road frontage land. If that were all there was to this story, it would be a great deal… but it gets much better. There is a man out there named Rene Sanchez that surrendered to serve the LORD 2 years ago under some outreaches, Carlos and I did in the area. He later asked the owners of the abandoned church property if he could use it…they agreed. So God is Love Baptist church began... We have helped him in just a few ways. (tracts, Bibles, lessons, food and evangelism ect) He now has 19 adults and 20+ kids in service, he desires to be trained. The former group that owns the building came to us. They want to sell it to buy another car. They do not care who buys it, us or a bar, a poolhall, or whatever, just the first ones with cash. The pastor there and congregation have no money and do not want to dissolve this work or see the building fall into wicked use. (Tonight they said they would protest in the street if the owner sells it to someone other than us and its sold for worldly use, hmm) They desire to grow and learn in our Bible institute… This is a turn key church plant for $7900 or less. We would jump in and help much more until such a time they were on their feet and a mature church. Plus, it might become the church for attending with the children as the lighthouse grows. Someone asked, "What is the priority?" If I were in charge that would be a very hard choice. We just put out the plea and trust the Holy Spirit to work in hearts. We dont drive our ministry, the LORD does. Christ constrains us by our ability and supply. Philip 4:13. My only promise to my LORD was was; whatever door you open I will step through. In my strength, we never would have gotten as far as we have, Amen! So what we are now juggling and contemplating is:
* Finishing the Children’s Lighthouse… The house we are currently renting in the city is up for sale and our market is not like the USA…kinda weird and prices are still rising and the demand is high. Factories and big names are coming to town is why. (
Cholutca has its first car dealership (Toyota) going up and a huge clothing factory being built ect. Good for local economy, hard on us by driving prices up.)
We also need to:
* Build a building for La Cruz- They have about $2000 of the needed $10,000 to construct.
The church owns the property.
* Colonia— property was donated for construction—need $5000 to build- no funds available.
* The Blessing in San Geronimo - $7900 for a turn keep church plant. Does not get much better than that, Amen! Only.. gulp.. $20,000 needed to raise up 3 churches.... A mountain for us, a molehill for the LORD.

Been busy on many fronts. The photos are from today of the boys ministry, learning to weld and cut steel. One of our new 14 year old boys whistled at a girl in the hardware store, while he was in my truck. oops! I marched him off and made him apologize to her for the issue. Later he became the object lesson on the difference of good and evil… Went over well. News travels...his mom came and thanked me later...
Carlos and the men returned from Colonia happy. The Datsun is back on the road, (broke a king pin and blew head gasket last week). The new hymnals were great and they were excited to share that the elderly lady who always gives the church a hard time… came to church and trusted Christ. They met and preached under the big tree again... with only a little rain, but not enough to drive them away from services. Amen and Amen

We are preaching in San Geronimo tonight...We are back... The meeting went well and we discussed a few things. Everyone wants us to purchase the property. They all want to grow and learn. Pastor Sanches is going with us to an Independent Baptist fellowship meeting in the Capitol on December 1st... A great door of effectual opportunity has been opened unto us...we only need the LORD to work in some hearts. Amen!!
Unworthy of my LORD's manifold blessings,


At November 16, 2008 at 8:31 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Praise God for all of the progress, and more opportunities that are arising now... We'll continue to be praying for the Lord's hand and guidance with all of these decisions.

God bless you as you're all serving him! Tell the kids that I say Hi!

Miss you all, love and prayers...


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