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Friday, November 21, 2008

Blessings and Potholes

Our wonderful LORD continues to work in Honduras. We finally signed papers for the church property up in Lenaca. The church now owns their land and building free and clear. No more fear of being evicted. We will start the Bible institute program up there next Thursday. (Thanksgiving day for you in the USA.) The Children’s Lighthouse is still moving along. The stucco process for the walls which give the finished surface for mounting the doors and windows as well. Putting in a entrance into the second floor. It will also have a handy cap ramp so Carlos can get in. Not sure how we will get over the huddle of the next big expenses yet. The doors , windows, floors and fixture require a lot of funds to do. But the LORD knows and will supply as it is needed. We are scheduled to drill a well this week, but he has postponed it a few times in the past.

The new opportunity in San Geronimo is on again, off again, on again. Since the last writing Carlos found out they were selling it to a cult group based out of Columbia for the full price. They were not even going to tell the church. We thought the door was closed. But Carlos went and talked to them and in his persuasive way convinced them it was a bad idea(In other words-guilty for doing so). So they are holding off on selling it to them and will consider selling it to us. They will inform us next Tuesday. So basically Carlos convinced them….

1 Selling to anyone other than us was a bad Idea and the LORD would not be pleased nor would the church folks there be happy…They agreed
2 Then he told them the price was really too much, they agreed and said they would come up with a better price.
(They are now turning down a full price offer from the other people)
3 Then Carlos told them we had no money…they said ok, we will give you some time for the LORD to do something…Hmm.

Carlos did all this without me knowing, afterwards he comes and tells me. Carlos is one of our mighty men as David had. Anyone want to hire Carlos to negotiate on a house or car purchase?

We are planning to take our men and pastors to a preaching conference in Tegu Dec 1-4th. We were invited by the missionary Gutierrez that visited a while back. There should be 40-50 preachers from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua there.

Hit a large pothole returning Sunday night from preaching in San Geronimo, it was dark and pow just did not remeber that one. (If you drive at night you must remember where all the pothole are.) Did not blow the tire, but now the kia pulls hard right and the steering wheel is way off, maybe bent the lower control arm… Always something to eat time and money.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie


At November 21, 2008 at 9:51 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

We'll continue to be praying for all of the needs over there. Praise God that the church building was able to finally be purchased!! One more church building for the LORD'S use!! Praise God!!
God bless you as you all continue serving HIM!
Love and prayers...


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