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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dig a little deeper...

Our hand dug well at the Children’s Lighthouse property has now gone dry. We have been staying there part time and just washing school uniforms for a few weeks wiped it out. We started loading water daily in the kia 250 gal at a time but that still is not enough to bath, wash clothes, flush toilets clean dishes on a daily basis. Not sure what to do just waiting on the LORD. The kids picked mangos for school…for the entire school. On the way to school Jenny and Nancy gave some to the highway crew along with tracts and books of John. It was time to renew our resident visa ($$$ again) and we found our passports had elapsed too. Opps. So another special trip to the capital, without kids because they are not allowed in the embassy…try finding a baby sitter for 18 kids and have them do it over night in a place they have no water and they need to be the security chasing off the nightly thieves…Carlos um jumped at the wonderful opportunity…After church on Wednesday he went out. He almost backed out when I told him Toño and I just chased 3 more men off the property trying to come in from behind. Really need so much yet to do to actually move in. A security fence added to the long list seems now more of a need than ever.

I get weak knees when I ponder all the things before us that need done, some immediate needs; visas, passports, water, daily food, school supplies, electric. Then Pastor Enemsio needs another $1000 motorcycle or vehicle to make it to Los Tererros. Then that blends into the longer term needs, there are always bigger needs looming. Start a school, build the 2 churches, purchase the 3rd church, Drill a well, put up a security fence…it seems it all just grows. So many have helped above and beyond I often feel discomfited letting some of our needs known. But the LORD is ever faithful. Example, a good friend knew we had found free shipping on someone else’s container and offered to haul free corn (16,000lbs) from Toledo, OH to NC to meet the container…wow. The LORD has done so much since we have been here it is often overwhelming if one dwells on it. Our task, burden, blessings and needs are way beyond our human ability. And all we see in the future is an ever growing need till the LORD returns…

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,

Barry Ritchie


At March 30, 2009 at 8:45 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

You're still all in our prayers!
Praying that the Lord will provide the funds needed for the many needs over there! Praying that your day goes well!

God bless...


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