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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Standing in Awe

At the plea of the visiting group I took some of the kids out to Tiger Island last week before the American group left. The return boat ride was all the way around the Island stopping to explore some of the remote beaches. Sitting on an Island in the pacific looking out at the kids running, playing and exploring, with the sun setting on the ocean, always seems to put things aright in one’s mind. It always makes me in awe of God’s handiwork… and this is the broken version. I was pondering the year. What a year it has been filled with trials and triumphs. Went from church in a hot, wet tent to The La Cruz Baptist church building being erected with fans and lights. Saw dozens baptized. Many more professions of faith. Lisa had cancer surgery, getting better but not fully recovered and need more exams. We took in 5 more children. Lost one. Children’s Lighthouse building almost completed, but still not ready to move in, so living in a 20-30 foot apt with 21 people. Building and land purchased for Ven a Mi mountain church. Gained some, but lost more base support level, yet continue to take on more and more responsibility. We strain every month to make it through and the needs keep growing. We fall short on support every month but a raven in the wilderness keeps supplying the needs from unnamed sources. I was more than a little worried this month for we were way behind in bills, electric about to be cut off ect. This month a Honduran man not part of our ministry stopped by and gave what was needed to pay the bills… I stand amazed how the LORD does it. Every month now for 4 years the Holy spirit touches someone’s heart and they help. The need to plant more churches grows… need more laborers and funds. Will be taking in more children soon…need more strength, wisdom and funds. (maybe they(the children) are our laborers in the future. Both Toño and Lenin want to be preachers and go to Bible school.. hmm. Saw our first years Bible Institute class finished and start anew. Barry Jr may go off to Bible school this year with Sasha, so it will be just me and Lisa. Saw a president deposed and threat of war succumb to peaceful elections. This Christmas will be one of the leanest in recent memory and struggling to keep it from looking like that to all the kids, but we have much to be thankful for… If I ponder too long on the trials and worries it can get overwhelming, so we opt to just keep looking to the daily blessings. Doing the impossible with nothing is one of God’s specialties and He proves that to us daily, when I see all the children fed and the lights go on in the home and church and lives changed. I have a difficult time planning things in the future. It is all I can do to get through the day and prepare for tomorrow…but the LORD keeps sending me more tomorrows and when I look back I am amazed at where he has taken me from yesterday. Unworthy to be under his hand, but oh so thankful to be so used by one who is worthy of all praise amen! Please Pray that our support level goes up, Pray for Lisa, the Children’s Lighthouse, more church plants, Bible institute, the kids, schooling starts in a month ie more $$ ect ect. Enjoy this special time of year for the right reasons…
Unworthy but thankful…
Barry Ritchie


At December 18, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Thanks for the post once again! The pictures are beautiful!! It was good to see some of the kids too. They're growing up so much! Praise the Lord for how He always provides all of your needs...keep trusting and pressing on.

Love and prayers...


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