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Sunday, November 15, 2009


The doors and windows are on the church building. They are not what you expect in the USA but perfect for here. The windows have no glass just shutters and bars to keep vandals, thieves and weather out the side doors are corrugated metal and the front door is functional. Pastor Enemesio will install the hardwood inlay to make it pretty. But thanks to some help we can now leave chairs, pulpit, ect, in the building; and not worry about animals and people using the building as a bathroom and cleaning it before every service. Amen! After todays church meeting we are now starting 3 services a week, plus the Bible institute will start in Dec and meet in the church. Omar and Jr hooked up power to the building, Now just need to run wireing, install, lights and fans.

It is Sayder’s Birthday today and Patricia’s Bday next week. Funds have been short so we will not do much this time. Lisa is down with the flu right now and we have a small American group coming Sat for 3 weeks. Still putting out emotional fires with the kids from the Nancy situation, but things seems to be settling back down. The food that was donated came at a perfect time. Our funds have been so depleted this past month that we would have had a difficult time feeding all the kids had it not come when it did. Our raven in the wilderness. Amen.

In other news... the mom that left the 8 kids still has not returned and we have fed them many more times..Not sure what will happen. Say a prayer for us on Thanksgiving. For one does not know how blessed they are till they see the contrast.

Paul Deem of Directline ministries is preparing another container to ship. If you have things you would like to send us this is the container to do it on. (mail in USA is much much cheaper than to here). He is reading about 1500 or more christmas shoeboxes to come to Honduras which leaves alot of container to fill with other stuff. If you want to contact him his ph # is 1-740-350-4515 or web link Directline Ministries. Please keep this in prayer and help with shoeboxes and other thing the LORD has laid on your hearts. Pray for safe shipping as well. In the last container alone $1000s of dollars of purchased and donated items were stolen by customs officials. A shop battery charger, Saddle and gear for the horse, toys for the orphanage, food and clothes for the children, a special packed chest for Jr and several sewing machines ect. Last year they even stole some of the shoeboxes...I just hope they read the Bibles and tracts in them. We do need God's hand to guide it. Welcome to Honduras...

Thank you all for your prayers, and ministering helps. We could do nothing without the LORD working through his Ministering Saints.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At November 28, 2009 at 9:28 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

We'll be praying for the container that will be coming your way. And for the 8 children that you've been helping out! ~ May Jesus Christ be Praised!!

Keep pressing toward the mark..


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