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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week in Review

Just a review of a week in Honduras. It has been a preparation week, cleaning getting ready for a container to arrive, getting kids ready for school, sight work started for SS classrooms to be built, and more. We cleaned out the storage bodega (Garage for Americans) so we could unload the container arriving soon. Distributed about 60,000 J/R in the process. Plus, in doing so we had more medical supplies than we needed so Lisa opted to donate some to a local free physical therapy ministry. They were unsure at first, but when they saw the crutches for children and many Velcro support bandages, the smiles grew big. Lisa enjoyed it. It is where little Anna Cristina goes for phy therapy. Speaking of Anna. Anna and Pastor Ramon have returned from Guatemala with great news, she has healed better than expected and they do not want more heart surgery for her. Thank you for the prayers they were truly effectual. Two more years before another checkup. Amen! (Scan down a few posts to see her story).

The church in La Cruz put up the sign after a few modifications and repainting. La Cruz has also started building classrooms to hold classes in. Several classes are being held out side and that will be a problem in a couple of months when the rains start. Marc Antonio asked to start a teen boy class because so many here are just in the streets waiting and looking for evil to happen. He has done great in just a short time. Teen boys are the easiest prey high value target for the wicked one. This will be a good stop gap. For a church to continue it must have strong faithful men not just strong women.. amen. On that note, Brother Sabas has now come back to us. Those long term blog readers will see he is the man whom I first started preaching with. 4 years ago. He began coming to church 2 months ago and last week asked Carlos if he could learn more to be able to preach, Carlos like me, put him to the task and asked him to preach this sunday. He did a fine job.

Luz took the teen girls from the church to the Children’s Lighthouse property for a nature walk on the new trails and time to teach. All was good till they broke out the watermelon and sat to eat it and a big ol snake decided to join them… The meeting ended abruptly and they all rushed down the mountain… Don’t know what the problem was, as I remember there were serpents even in the Garden of Eden. We chase the snakes and scorpions out of the house all the time… The teen boys are coming next week…I think.

The Children’s Lighthouse home is almost complete, progress seems slow right now but it is not stopped. The doors to the girls and boys bedrooms and bathrooms were put on this week and dividers for the bathroom stalls and finish tiling the last bathroom next week. Our electric is legal now, paperwork has been done. Now to move the meter box and run new cable to the bodega. Need to finish several more things to be ready to move in, just working as funds allow. But there is “0” debt in any of the projects. Amen. Work fast and borrow lots of money to have it done in 3 months and pay on it for 30 years. Or work at the pace the LORD allows, finish it in less than 3 years, and owe no money….the second seems the wiser for us…

We also picked up a cheap kia mico pu from the local cable company. I have seen it for some time for sale but never really had the money to even
ask. A ministering saint provided the funds so I went to the boss explained what we wanted it for asked for his best price and he hit my number…which was really cheap. 1/3 of what he told others I found out later. That in of itself is rare here. I picked it up went through it and now Lisa has a 2001 little mama kia, all 800cc worth with only 60,000miles on the little 12 inch tires. We put benches in the back and it will even carry all the kids sort of…as long as we don’t feed them first. I had to laugh as lisa drove in to the Lighthouse Sat with her, Jr, Luz and 13 teen girls in it. Think clowns at a circus getting out of one of those little cars. After talking to Marc Antonio a few weeks ago, I knew we needed a way to go to 2 places to preach at the same time and this it the way. For a small fee we got Marc Antonio his License to drive….now we need to teach him to drive he’s never driven before. Welcome to Honduras.

Now for an update from our friend Dave who is flying in supplies to Haiti. They hit a head wind and almost ran out of fuel over water. They managed to land, short of their destination, Dave made it to PaP but could not find fuel. Delays but some finally arrived.... With their small planes they're flying Alaska bush style checking roads, fields and landing where they can to help those in remote areas...

--------from Dave at http://www.flyn4god.org/

Hey everyone,
Thanks for your prayers and concerns and offer for financial support. Yesterday was a very frustrating and wasted day BUT today was a much better day. Three pilots; David Crispell, Jack Hunt and myself flew two each flawless trips taking a total of 5,000 pounds of food in to two remote cities that were cut off from the outside. There are three orphanages in those communities that were out of food that are now well supplied. We have a great ground support team that is keeping us loaded, fueled and in the air. A fourth pilot, Dennis Conn joined us and we expect more of the same. They are long tiring days but we are accomplishing much for the glory of God. There is much much more to be done. Supplies are coming in but we need money to keep the planes in the air. I takes $1,000.00 to get the planes down here and then half that to fly between the DR and Haiti round trip. We will be coming back on Friday so that I can get the engine installed on the Aztec. We praise God that it is about one third paid for.
Got to go for now, all is well, keep those prayers and support coming and thank you,THANK YOU T H A N K Y O U. Too much to tell now. Keep posted.

A great day today. Over 6,000 pounds flown by four pilots, people and Dr.s flown out, Medical supplies and Dr.s in. Four orphanages serviced and over the hump and out of danger. IT'S GETTING TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN CUT OFF AND NEED IT MOST. I feel good but totally wiped out.
More tomorrow.
Two of us, Dave Crispell and myself, are left today. On our way we took loads and dropped them at Jocmal and then headed for the States. David Crispell will be returning next Tuesday with two other planes. Kelle Hines flew down on Saturday to join Jack Hunt and replace Dennis Conn that flew out on Saturday.

Well I think I have finally caught up on my sleep. Great morning in Church in FL. Tomorrow I will pick up Don Wright (mechanic) and we will fly back to the Bahamas to put on my new engine.
For you pilots that would like to join us: LISTEN UP !!!! This is not for the "weak of heart" "weak in spirit" or timid. You must be instrument proficient and knowledgeable of mountain flying and willing and able to operate out of the box. Combat pilots will fit right in. You must have a C&BP decal and be registered in the eApis system and know how to use it. I do not have the time to walk you through the system.
God bless,


At February 11, 2010 at 8:57 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Wow, haven't been on your blog in a while. Praise the Lord for all of the progress that's being made! And for the blessings that HE daily blesses you with! You're in my prayers...keep pressing toward the mark! Praise God for allowing you to be debt free and have all of that progress done on the property! God is SO good!

Love and prayers...


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