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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For our ministering praying Saints

Just a prayer request of a different nature to our ministering Saints. It’s about Haiti. Some of you all know we sent 3 containers to the tsunami relief in Sri Lanka while in the USA years ago. One container had dozens of carnival tents like you see at fairgrounds. The same type as we have been meeting in for church services the last 3 years, as seen on our blog. I walked in and sat at my computer today, saw the news about Haiti, and prayed. It prompted me to call the company who donated the last tents, he said yes, now it seems we are going to try to get tents to Haiti as well. A few doors have opened and I am not sure how many yet, or how to get them there, but add this to your short list for prayer. As I know more I will share more. Not asking for anything but prayer at the moment. Our plate is already full in so many other areas, but the LORD has given us the connections and it would be wrong not to at least ask them. A verse that always hits me hard is 1 John 3:17. "...seeth his brother have need..." It is a simple verse to read and learn, but a difficult verse to truly live by….

On a different note, our container is reroute, filled with the Christmas shoeboxes. It broke down in Penn. and missed the boat, so it is another delay. Pray we have all the funds and paperwork for it to enter without headaches this time. Also pray we can get the KIA fixed and the Electric switched around and finished paid for at the Lighthouse property. (previous posts) Thank you

On a Praise note: the men of the church went to start preaching and establishing a church in San Geronimo yesterday. Last Friday Marc Antonio came to me and asked about going to preach there. AMEN! Now that our men share my burden I think it will work. We lost out on the property there, the owners sold it to a tire store and kick out the church. So we are meeting in a members mud hut, ok, outside the mud hut. For now it is just 3 families + visitors begging us to help rekindle what was started. Jr and the men went last night to play a witnessing movie and preach but our video projector died while thereand needs replace. I cant complain, it served us well many years from deputation, countless trips in the mountains with many souls saved plus many hours in the Bible institute… but now we need another one.

Always in need of prayer for this unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


At January 13, 2010 at 9:51 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Sound like alot of prayer requests. You've all been in our prayers and will continue to be.
Keep pressing toward the mark...

God bless, Love and prayers.


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