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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For those who must suffer through the winter months I apologize for this post. Tonight was such a blessing. Pastor Santos wanted me to come help with an outreach in the mountain, not at the church. I was almost ready to back out because the radiator started leaking badly on the kia today.. (the glue not holding and waiting for the new one to arrive). But we loaded up and went anyway with extra water. The last section of the path was very bad. I actually had everyone get out and walk for safety, as I climbed that part. We arrived and still had to carry Carlos and his wheelchair a little further. He was terrified and it took 4 men lifting him at each corner handing him down a 6 foot jagged rock gully back up the other side ect. I was worn out when we arrived. When it came time to leave Santos' sons made a portable hammock and took him down in it. They were much safer and faster than our accent. The folks began arriving almost 2 hour early as the sun faded away and the moonless night dropped darkness like a blanket. Santos fired up the old kerosene lantern and we began services. Several men played hymns on their homemade instruments. One man poured water on his violin to warp it as a way to tune it (??) We just sang praise and made a joyful noise unto the LORD atop a dark mountain. We were the only light as far as the eye could see I took a photo as we were starting from the back of the crowd gathered. You could only see heads. The night air had a slight chill to it about 75 degrees and a gentle breeze keeping away all insects. Just perfect. The people here save the batteries in their flashlights by just turning them on for a moment. So as people continued to arrive descending from mountain paths they looked like human lightning bugs glowing for a moment as the came. Over 120 people showed up to listen to this unworthy servant share God’s Word. Several adults and teens were affected by Gods word now Pastor Santos has some follow up to do. Amen It was a sweet time of fellowship Singing and preaching atop the mountains. We arrived back home at 10:30pm to a hot meal waiting on us by Lisa…It will be easy to sleep tonight. AMEN!


At January 22, 2010 at 7:24 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

I can't help but sit here and smile! Just reading this post and imagining how this night must have felt! That's amazing that 120 people showed up to hear God's Word preached!! Praise God for that! The picture of the "Only Light" on the mountain spoke many words in itself. The blessing of having Carlos carried back down the mountain for you and then to return back home to a nice meal! All I can say is WOW! God is SO good to us!

Praying for you all!


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