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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Only 31 more years to go... in the wilderness... under a tent...

Been a busy month. Had Truth for Today medical  team here for an evangelistic  campaign. Great week and a bountiful harvest. We gave medical care to 1983 people of which 255 made a new relationship with Christ. Amen .. We thought we had a few more but when the pastors reviewed for followup visits they found a few folks went through our lines more than once with paperwork... and were counted 2x. Bookkeeping does wonders. Our bible students will follow up on all 1983 people making in home visits over the next few months.  Several hundred more renewed or got assurance  of salvation. Even a catholic priest and a priest's helper came to a repentant knowledge. Made it through the the week without any major issues... until the last day up on the mountain. Started by blowing a tire.. then a bus passed the parked kia and scraped the whole side... on way down the bearings began to fail on the trailer...but made it home. Jr lost brakes and rode the gears all the way down, just like I had to do last year. Dangerous if you lose control... he broke 2 springs and the differential in doing so. But got his passengers safely down...  With this help a new church plant has begun in Gausaule. And the tent we started two  other churches with and preached under for 7+ years was cleaned by our kids, sewn up and put in service again to plant another church. Sat. Drag the trailer to town to fix bearings, thinking it should be simple and cheap..but what I wanted done did not happen. Hooked up trailer to go get materials only to have it break down 2x. First time at 5pm wheel came off and broke all the studs... got a hold of jr before phone died and got it back on  road around 10pm...only to have axle  break a few miles later...finally put a long board under it, tied it on and drug it home at 1am...weee. today went to the 9year anniversary  of the LA Cruz Baptist church and shared the tent story, that we put up the same tent to start another church... amen. Carlos preached and a new lady visitor came to Christ.  using up this world's stuff saving heavenly stuff is what it is all about... hoping my candle is completely spent before my flame is put out...feels like it is most days...
In other news...Finally have water to the San Jeranimo church. I added a few old photos from when we first began in La Cruz. On was just a week after with 45 people, the little tent... few months later 75...


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