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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Firsts... Our first wedding at the Lighthouse. Been a very busy weekend. Saturday Feb 14 was a wedding and Sunday was the graduation for the Bible institute. Lisa made cakes for both(took 40lbs of powedered suger alone), food for the wedding and planned it out. We set up tents on the grounds, killed our big male lamb to feed everyone, Sunday bused down the mountain church to have a joint service at the Lighthouse. 100+ church members in a 66 pass bus 2 hours slowly down the mountain, hot dusty, steep and rough.
Our first Bible institute graduation from one of our mountain churches. Three years hard work and a year working ministry full time. Make these young men ready to go minister as the LORD leads. There were another dozen also walking behind the graduates who should be ready in the coming years. Amen.
Also the ladies ministry of the church in the city did an outreach to the hospital on Valentines day and led 2 women to the LORD. Amen!
 On a lower note had a drunk driver hit our New Lighthouse bridge the middle of the night... the most well lit object in the whole area... and stole the lightbulbs off it. So need to do repairs. I also got ran off the road Monday. Could have been deadly and plowed into a stopped pickup with 15 or more people in the bed or head long into a semi.. but the LORD protected and only bent some metal and broke some glass on the new kia and no one hit or hurt... Mostly fixed, still needs a bit of body work.
While out seeking parts our 2 young boys were rough housing on the beds,  one pushed the other off and split his head wide open needing 10 stitches. Every step forward is costly and burdensome in unseen ways. Picked up a few roof panels in hopes to slow the very leaky roof of the lighthouse dorms. Fear I need more but not enough to do everything. Needs to be done before rainy season hits. Our Bible student Wilman who is sacrificing much driving 1.5hours off of one mountain and up an hour a second with the old resurrected motorcycle.. blew the motor. So church services were canceled Sunday. Brought it back to the Lighthouse and jr found cyl, piston ect to get it going yet again. send him off only to go rescue him 2 days later...fixing again. Really need good transportation if they are to preach in uttermost parts...Planning another Nicaragua outreach for March, praying the LORD makes a way.


At February 17, 2015 at 11:16 AM, Blogger nancy carlson said...

Praise the Lord for safety!! "Jesus, take the wheel" is a reality! Angels do indeed drive vehicles!
And Lord, Barry et al do so much with what you give them. Please multiply the provision to do wonderous things! Thanks for the men who are willing to go through such hardships to preach the Word. Protect them, in Your will. I know sometimes protection isn't what will bring you the most glory or them the most growth. In such cases, Lord, please give them grace and faith to carry on until such time as the good that you planned has arrived.


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