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Friday, March 13, 2015


Battling spiritual wickedness in high places... Thankfully we were able to repair the roof, we hope. Ministering Saints gave extra and we replaced about 1/2 of the roof panels on the Lighthouse. Which were all the ones we knew to be leaking. Amen!  We could not test it because we lost water. We also fixed our washer which was several hundr

ed dollars for a pump...and it worked one day before a sensor switch went out...now waiting for parts. We have a group coming from the USA (BPS) to help distribute the 18,000 John and Romans they sent, in a 2 day blitz of the city. We finally got school started again and found a certified teacher willing to work with us, books  purchased and kids going. Amen.  Woke up Sunday to no water. Run through the normal fixes and nothing. Run around to find a few expendadables often bad electrical parts on Monday, still nothing. Had to pull the pump up. Called the folks that installed it and waited waited waited, 2 days of promises. He arrives on a motorcycle with a tester to tell us what we already knew. Pump must come up. They could pull it up for $800...uuhh no thank you. So Jr and I set out to make a rig to pull it up, buy steel, rob parts from other equipment ect. Took a day with a few failed attempts(heavier than we thought) and we ended up using the Kia and pullies with cable to pull it up in about 3 hours once started. Only find the worse case, the pump was burned up...a very expensive pump. Now to find one and pray we can get it. Next weekend we promised our Nicaraguan pastor to revisit the area we canceled with the Drs last month... not sure how we will have funds at the moment. Would hate to cancel a second time. Just battling spiritual wickedness in high places it seems. Also had to replace 2 tires in 2 weeks on the kia rocks cuting them open. One wheel was so tight I broke the tool... had to get a younger man to help me change a tire... That is embarrassing for an old tire man... getting old.  Good things must be coming next week... amen


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