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Saturday, August 8, 2015

We'll work till Jesus comes...

There are several outreaches this month. Been trying to do a little construction as time, money, weather and equipment allow. Installed a septic field for a future project. It will be dorm rooms to use in a multitude of ways. Has been a large need for some time. A place to house visitors as well as a place to allow our local churches to come and have special meetings. It will be a transition house for our older kids as they prepare to move out, a clean place to house mountain families in need of medical care or night from hospital. House at risk families for a short time ect. Sounds impressive but it is just 6 small rooms with elect and a bathroom built to honduras standards. Yet will come in handy every month. Doing it as the Lord allows. Everything the Lord has allowed us to do in Honduras has been debt free. We build it ourselves with whatever the Lord provides, and it is amazing how much has been done on so little... it is the Lord at work. Our preacher in Nic. is still preaching. Has another outreach with near 50 attending under a tin roof. Hoping to go out and minister with him if the Lord allows. The new plant at the border is having regular meetings now, our church in the city is reaching another neighborhood. It is all a struggle and burden to keep going but blessings abound as well. Three churches have folks ready for baptisms, maybe at the river or maybe at the lighthouse property. Need lots of prayer, arrived home this week to find a thief on the property, chased him around the neighborhood but he slipped away, always more to do than we have money or strength for. Heartache at times. Had one of our preachers in the mountain

come asking for help for several starving families. As I probed his heart I found his family was hurting just as much because he had already given all he had. Last month was the first month I can remember where I thought we finally have enough to make it to the end of the month... that was before the pastors visit. Wish we could get shipping containers like we used too. It was a major help in times like this. There is way more need than we can supply alone. Was able to slip away with the kids for a day at the beach. One of the few recreations available here. Even better when you  time it when no one else is there. Just our family as far as the eye can see... Always need prayer. Thank you!


At August 8, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Blogger James Long said...

What does container cost Barry


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