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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is there a Doctor in the house?

What a wonderful day Monday. Left out a 4am to p/u a police transit commandant (old friend) and head to capital to renew drivers lic. Got there and all said no at first until we got to the chief. He said no problem presto 5m later lic in hand. Amen.
After, we went to meet with the ministry that runs the children's cancer center less than a mile from the medical University. They offered Julie a nice private room w/bath and board in a 24hr gated and guarded security area. It is a beautiful quiet place. Cost "0", all they asked was that she live there like a daughter... ie just like with us, and help as needed. She also has a church to attend near the university that has several medical students in it as well. As a dad I could not have asked for better. God working out every detail and rewarding her faithfulness. Five minutes after arriving she began working with a sick child and the mother thought she worked there. Beautiful to watch.
One of their desires was a person who would be able to witness and minister to the children and family of the sick kids. Right up Julie's alley. We also went to the university and found she needs to start the admissions quickly and take all the tests in 2 weeks for a Jan. start. The costs are going to vary, having a hard time nailing it down exactly, will know more in detail after admission, but min. class cost of $100 up to $500 per month the depending on courses load, books, labs ect. It can change monthly as requirements change. Plus a few living expenses, transportation ect. Cheap for a national medical school but a lot for us. Many are praying for her and a few are even considering helping her. Praying the LORD makes a way. Her end goal is some type of medical missions.


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