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Monday, May 16, 2016

Wings as Eagles

We had a good week considering. This Sunday there were 9 baptisms at the Lighthouse. Our playplace/classroom/ssroom has a ballpit/kiddypool/baptismal. Multi purposed. It is the only clean water available right now rivers are still dry. Two churches used it to baptize this Sunday and more to follow.
The kids wanted to serve the churches a meal since they would be without food most of the day when they come down the mountain to visit. That presented a problem due to the bank canceling my debit card on wend. They issued new secure card with chips... and left me hanging with access to funds. Kids were determined, they used the rice we had and killed the fatted lamb. Great meal. Another blessing were able to help one of our mt churches purchase a motorcycle. They were walking 10miles and 3000ft of elevation daily teaching bible classes in public schools... my heart was blessed and sad by this. So we did what we could and the Lord worked it out. Need several more to be truthful. A mt church also finished the roof install on their new classroom and will be ready for medical/evang outreach in a month or so. Amen...
thank you for your prayers they keep us airborn even when we are out of gas. Amen


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