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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

holy week

The church in St Teresa is making progress on their classroom. They have been teaching full time bible classes in the public schools. Several schools begging them to come to their's as well because they see results. The classroom space is to bring kids after school and allow more in depth teaching. A ministering saint gave them seed money to start, they grew it so they could build bigger. They are near the roof level now.
One of the bible institute students(Wilman's sister) asked Jenny and Julie to help with their wedding in two weeks. After she weds she too will start teaching bible classes in the public schools... amen.
The San Geranimo church is planning to baptize more folks at the Lighthouse property. Had another drunk almost hit our entry bridge but hit the big rock instead and took off...
It is holy week here now. Everything is closed, packed or parties and drunks,... not a good time to go or do anything unless you like crowds, few supplies and drunks(it is holy week). But the Lord supplies. A wealthy neighbor invited us to use his empty house, complete with private pool and all.. free. The kids had a blast... me? I worked a mean hammock in the shade sipping a real sugar coke out a glass bottle.  It is the same place the Honduran president stayed at a few months ago...
 returned to the house and had a gospel movie night with kids... all was great till bedtime and got really sick.  Downed meds and vineger and feel a bit better this morning...not sure what hit me. I finally was able to get Julie new glasses. They fell off her face in the dark highway when the Drs were here in Jan. She was helping others and lost her glasses in the process. She is one of our biggest helpers in the ministry here. Hard to see her go so long without seeing, all the while never missing a beat in her work...thankful the Lord allowed another pair. Always in need of prayer...
Btw 105 today climbing to 107 by Sunday... no wind chill, not a cloud anywhere... weee.

Tidbit-an Easter thought... I often see people stating God's love is unconditional. Sounds good, warm and fuzzy if you are soft toward modern romanticism. But it is not a bible truth, it is not reality and excuses the need for salvation. In truth all love is conditional in some way. Some say "I love my child unconditionally"... that statement alone proves itself void... because if a child is not yours in some way you will not love them the same, ie condition... The love of God has the biggest condition possible, the cross, and hell is the proof. It is not that God hasn't loved you, nor is there a depth to which He has not gone to love you, if you yet breath God is expressing His mercy, grace and love toward you. He created the entire universe because He loved us. He became incarnate and died to pay for our sin and rebellion against Him because He loved us. But let me ask this. Are the souls in hell in a loving relationship, does He not call them wicked and cut them off? The door of the ark did close. In essence to say the love of God is unconditional is to deny the truths and need of salvation. It is a subtle excusing of sin. By definition true unconditional love would remove the need for a cross by loving everyone without condition and sin is ok. (Satan has been on this attack since the day of his fall). The love of God is very conditional on the cross. If one says the love of God is profound, deep, beyond our capacity to grasp fully, unfathomable, cost beyond human measure, these are true. That the Creator would die for the created might seem like unconditional love from the redeemed's vantage point... but the fact that He had to is the greatest condition of all.... the Bible is filled with "If and then" statements... conditions. The tree was placed in the garden on purpose... as a condition a pretext to the cross. The truth is all creation was designed around the cross. The cross was not a "fix" to a problem or error. It was the very purpose of creation to declare the glory of God and demonstrate His love toward man. The cross was the plan and purpose from the beginning. God's mercy and grace on the cross is humbling on every level to me... The Gospel message of the cross is the declaration of God's unfathomable love... that God would die for man is the very purpose of man's existence. By Him and for Him....
John, 14:23 - Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.


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