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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fiery Furnace

The first building project on the Children’s Lighthouse property. The existing adobe house on the property is about to fall down and I was afraid it would hurt a child. We also need a place to put tools, materials for the Children’s Lighthouse construction and a distribution point for the Whensawe project. So we are tackling it first. Doing it as cheaply as we can on a shoestring as funds become available. It will be made of handmade clay bricks fired in a furnace the same way as in Moses day. Men tromping in clay, straw and manure, then forming bricks to dry in the sun and place them in a earthen fiery furnace…Three boys in the book of Daniel always come to mind when I see this. Why brick?.. Price. They are not pretty and it is a lot more work, 4wd down to the river where they are made, overloading the Kia truck(again) hauling them in 9 trips(730bricks per trip) to the property, but it is much better than adobe. We bought just a few blocks to help form a level foundation that has been dug. We are going to be in constant need of help and provision for the next few months if anyone is led to help in any way please do.
Prayerfully the construction will be starting for the Children’s Lighthouse next month. The Matthew 25:35 Foundation stepped forward to help with some major construction costs. What a huge blessing, our need is now and without this kind of help we would be years getting it off the ground and many of the children we have would already be grown. From past experience I know things always cost more than planned here. If you want 100 lbs of corn taken up the mountain you need to take 200lbs because 100 seems to disappear along the way…. Even so the LORD always makes a way.
Two Examples: An electric company in NewYork is donating all the wiring (8000’), outlets and boxes needed for both projects(and prayerfully La Cruz Baptist church in the near future), even the main wiring from the transformer. Maranatha Bible Baptist Church is shipping it in a crate as well. Amen! This is a $4000 or more savings over purchased here.
As for the backhoe we are still in dire need of one. But the LORD is allowing us to proceed anyway. The local heavy construction company is in the area building a road for the shrimp company. We called the owner and explained our need. He said when the project is done, if they can do it in an afternoon, in 2 weeks he would have the men with the excavator swing by and level a spot to build on, before moving to their next project. All we need to do is keep fuel in the equipment and pepsi in the men…. They will do in a hour what would take us weeks. Pray this happens we get many promises here and often little results…

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour


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