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Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh now I understand...

The back huge retaining wall is taking shape, most now see it and say "oh now I understand." The dump truck delivering rock broke about 4 feet of the end of the front wall. The dorms will be ready for a roof in a week. In the last few weeks, the 2 men cutting into the mountain and moving the same material to raise the floors have moved more than 150 cubic meters of material by hand. (that’s 15 big dump trucks full).

Jenny finally relented the pain overtook the fear so time to visit our dentist Ermita for a painful cavity. As always she took care of us. What tickled me is, as we entered her office unannounced, she had her desk full of bible references and studying to teach her ladies class. As she worked on Jenny she asked questions about the Bible and now has several of my books. Carlos holds one of the Bible Institute classes in her home as well. Amen!

An American church is visiting in a week to help with labor on pouring floors and the roof for dorms. Amen! Pray for the Lords provision. So much yet to do.

A rep from the Enee Electric Company visited and told us all the fees we must pay in order to hook up electric. Their fees alone are nearly $1000. That is just for the high power lines to the transformer, and that does not include parts needed. Add to their list, we still must purchase 2 poles, a 15kv transformer many misc. needed items and find someone to install it as well. Several more thousand dollars we don’t currently have. All we have is a great need and a little faith… and this has moved a mountain this far. Like the building electrical stuff has been donated and someone is coming to wire the buildings when needed…

I was glancing through some bios of great men of faith early this morning. Started by reading through some things about George Muller someone had emailed then clicked on, Spurgeon, CT Studd, John G Patton, Hudson Taylor, WTP Wolston, DL Moody, James Chalmers, Robert Moffet, Philip P Bliss and suddenly thought there it is…If I only had a longer beard like theirs…Sure that must be it….worked for Samson and John the Baptist too….But then kept clicking only to find other men of great enduring faith with no beard…so much for the easy way, time to pray and wait. Thankfully God is faithful even when we are not….Amen!
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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