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Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Progress!

Children’s Lighthouse- More Progress…

The back retention wall is now on the second level. The dorm side has blocks to the window height. A cement roof is on the bodega outside bathrooms. Day by day till we run out of time, energy or funds…all seems in short supply.

As I write this ten people from our La Cruz Baptist ministy loaded up in the 69 Datsun for the trip to Colonia (Road is ok right now) to preach again. They have seen many led to Christ and would like to see a church built there...Amen. I find it amazing our baby ministry meets in a tent for 2 years, but still is working to start 2 other churches...one already built in Los Tererros.

Had a problem at our scheduled immigration appointment yesterday. We loaded everyone (all 17) into the KIA for the 2.5 hour drive up to the capitol; thinking all we needed to do was pick up our new residency visa cards. We paid everything asked of us before Christmas and just waiting for them to print the new cards…Welcome to Honduras were nothing is that simple. We were told we needed to pay $1600 again because out time expired Dec 31st and now it is a new year…Had we NOT paid in Dec we would only have to pay one time…arguing with government and lawyers here is futile.

We need prayers on many monetary fronts. I still do not know how this family army we now command keeps running. Or where the needed funds to finish the Children’s Lighthouse construction will come from, or how to build 2 more churches, or how to pay for this years surprise payment of our visas, drinking water well, electric transformer or ?….

All I know is the LORD is in control and he knows our needs…In this I sleep well at night.


The yearly update video is now done. Honduras Missions 2007 “Things that Last Forever”. It's about a 12 minute long DVD and is very moving. Our 9yr old, Iris(the one feeding the horse) watched it even without knowing the words and began to cry, pray then turned and gave me a very tight hug. Great for devotion, missions, Church or SS class viewing or just to enable you to pray more effectively for us. We will send it to the USA to make copies and distribute… If you would like one please let us know and give a mailing address. Our email is britcompel@msn.com

Thank you all for your prayers…Our family army runs on them…

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,



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