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Thursday, February 28, 2008


What do you do if you’re on an inflatable life raft in the north Atlantic that is full of people, and 4 more children are within your reach to save?

For us; pull them in and add a little more air to the raft in prayer. We got a pleading call from INFHA(Child Services) this week begging for us to take 4 more children. Mom is a prostitute with aids and Dad is a drunk in the streets. If we could not take them they would be sent to 2-4 different locations. Nancy 12, Recardo 9, Mario 7, Fernando 4. Nancy can only do 2nd grade work and the boys have no schooling. They have run the streets for years but are already showing signs of coming around. Nancy and Recardo have already told us they want to live here forever. During Wednesday night service Nancy raise her hand for salvation…Amen still working with her. As for needs… It now takes 2 loaves of bread just to make sandwiches for lunch… Really need prayer. I do not know how the LORD has done what he has done thus far, we just keep getting stretched. We are so far beyond it is only by faith. Just giving the LORD our 2 fish…. Now a minimum of 17 sit at our dinner table (often more)…Suffer the little children to come unto me….hmm. They also need aids tests, clothes, vaccinations (all the children do), 3 more in school…ect.

The roof will be finished on the Whensawe bodega tomorrow and the floor this weekend. now doors windows and plumbing, as we are able.Our home has also been our distribution center, ie.. living room and office completely filled with Bibles tracts, J/R corn ect so it will be nice to live in more tha 2.5 bedrooms and a kitchen. Amen!

The Children’s Lighthouse has broken ground and started to emerge. The footers on the foundation are going in and columns are going up. In about 7 weeks we should have the walls up. Only as the LORD supplies, pray to have the children there in 6 months or less… So much to do on so little so, its all in the LORD’s hands. No funds for the bodega, no funds to build 2 much needed churches, and not enough for the lighthouse...When it is impossible in our eyes the LORD gets all the Glory when it is done. Amen. Just moving forward

The LORD worked it out to have a 5 month old pony named Reese on the property that the children have fallen in love with. Very gentle and the smaller children have already ridden him. Jenny has really gotten close to him walking him all around the property and feeding him. Something else to care for besides herself… It is good therapy for the children.
Lisa is slowly recovering, up and about, but nights are still a little rough. She is past the halfway point and every day is better than the last.

Please ask the LORD what to pray for, there is so much… It’s like throwing a rock in the ocean…you can't miss.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,



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