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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dia De Padre

Dia de Padre in Choluteca. Honduras celebrates Fathers day today in the midst of another holiday called Holy week, just prior to Easter. If anyone still wonders why we would take in so many children with all the issues and problems built in…well here are two reasons.

Jenny put this note in my pocket during church. Translated reads " Dear Father, My dad is a carpenter and I am a little carpenter. Dad makes 10 and I make 1 cent. Happy Fathers Day. I love you very much daddy with all my heart.
Your daughter Jenni Anabel Cruz"

Nanci gave me one this morning along with a hug and kiss that says "Daddy I love you very much... This from a child that has only been here less than 3 weeks.... Amazing how flowers grow when in a good enviroment...

I have 14 other reasons that came with and hugs and kisses all day… Amen.


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