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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fulfilling a Promise

This week Wellington our electrician from the USA arrived, but our Southern airport is still closed. So that means driving all the way to the gulf coast on the other side of the country to pick him up. Since it was Alba’s birthday and I promised after her trial (Nov 2006blog) that we would travel up north. We left early to see some sights like the Copan and Puerto Cortes. In the only hotel/motel around all to our selves, we slept and had supper of fresh fished served right on the beach and watched both the sun set and the sun rise on the ocean and huge ocean ships passing in the distance. (E to W Coastline). Early the next morning headed off to the Copan Ruins, pyramids the Mayans built. It was enlightening and fun time for Sasha, me and Alba. As we entered the ticket price was high actually said "Americans ...this price" so you were charge acording to where your from. Alba said this is my papi and my sister…so they let us in for the Honduran price…75% less. Amen. A group of scientist from around the world were there having a conference. All I saw was 2 Tim 3:7. Some were sitting on the corners of the pyramids meditating, praying and trying to be at one with an unknown god. Some were doing yoga. I talked to a few of them but they were mostly interested in their event. As I sat on the top of the pyramid, winded from the climb, it struck me what this was. It was a civilization 2000 years removed from Noah who remembered the form of his godliness by building these alters for sacrifice like Noah may have done, but had lost the real purpose. Then looked at the groups there 2000 more years removed and even more confused…It was a hmm moment. And I saw things in a new way. Alba made the comment, the people that made this were my ancestors. She learned a lot and had a great time. We told her this means she not getting any other things for her birthday, She said that’s ok this was better. Amen. We returned to San Pedro Sula to p/u Wellington and headed back on the LONG and winding road home 7.5 hours. Stopping at a roadside lake restraunt to eat fish, again we were the only ones in the place. While I was gone the men working at the Children’s Lighthouse got the ceiling/floor in over the bathrooms and the first gully to route the water on the road. Today Wellington worked hard in the heat and installed the 3 electric breaker boxes and began prepping the buildings for hookup and running all the wire. By 5pm he was drenched in sweat to his knees. But still was smiling and praising the LORD. We finally found a transformer (they have been hard to find since Katrina in the USA) but it is beyond our reach right now since the storms here a few weeks back and the rebuilding. All in the LORD’s timing. Wellington began telling us of a group he met on the plane, coming here to save the trees by converting a village from wood stoves to propane gas….My eyes bulged out. Lets see take the cheap renewable cooking source they can afford and manage, and tell them they now must make more money to purchase gas to cook with. The laws here already prohibit cutting green trees and the police check… What will happen is the people will still cook with wood because the cannot afford any other way and they will sell the gas stuff after the group leaves…to by the food they are quickly becoming not able to afford because of others good intentions and fuel prices…2 Tim 3:7 again. I’ll trade all the intelligence in the world for just a little God given wisdom any day.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour


At June 24, 2008 at 7:25 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

The Pictures of Alba and Sasha were great! Tell her that we wish her a happy Birthday!....Ricardo too....wasn't it his Birthday a few days ago?

Praising God for Love and Guidance!

You're all in our prayers!

At July 1, 2008 at 8:15 PM, Blogger Ginger said...

Jamie barber said the pictures are great and he feels for the electrician....

also, he wants to know your email address. His is
We want to know what size clothes are needed there.


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