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Friday, June 6, 2008

What is Whip Cream?

Hello Praying friends, here is a shot or so from yesterday and earlier this week. Should have the walls buttoned up tomm. I am hoping to get the roof panels by Monday. The latest tall tale story is the machine in Mexico that makes them is broken awaiting parts so they still can’t get the panels. They said in the beginning there were no problem to get...If it were only true, it is now costing us $500 more to bring the last 90 of them in country out of San Pedro Sula... But we are suppose to have them.
On the lighter side…
The kids finally went back to school this week after chicken pox....and come home filled with lice. Lice shampoo is very expensive about $10 per kid(ie not in the budget) So after a little research Lisa found a local dog/animal shampoo with the right ingredients and in enough volume. Then lined them all up including Sasha and went to town on 16 kid's hair... At least we had fun with it telling the kids it might make them howl...they were playing it up by the end.
Earlier in the week Lisa found cool whip in the compressed squirt cans... A rare treat. And I had to "teach" the children how to use it just before church. Ending in a house wide whip cream fight with lots of laughs, everyone and the whole house rapidly began to stink like baby puke in the heat(spoiled milk smell). If you need to cover another bad smell this will do it...yuck. That’s ok we all needed showers before church anyway.. off to the showers to find… no water we are out of bathing water. Weee. But the God given helper that she is, Lisa managed to bathe a family of 18 on 10gallons of bottled drinking water one hour before church... with a smile even!

unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At June 6, 2008 at 2:08 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Wow! It's just one thing after the other down there. When we got your email we just laughed and said "Boy do they need our prayers." We are praying for you all...hope you are doing well.

At June 6, 2008 at 2:22 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Wow, it never seems to calm down there!! Nice talking with you today!
You're all in our prayers........


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