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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Both hands on the wheel make for bad photos

Interesting trip.....
2:30am head out from Choluteca to San Pedro Sula. Literally driving across all Honduras from the south to the north and back again. The weather was ok in the am and it gets better as we go north to a beautiful day in San Pedro. The young people we are picking up arrive late enough they would have missed their bus ride back(we passed the bus on the trip back). But on the plane they all were put in the first class seats due to a mix up in seating. Beautiful drive back till ½ way, then it got worse and worse. The weather turned bad, 2 flats maybe more this morning haven’t looked, ruined at least 1 tire, saw 2 trucks turned over, one all the way across the road blocking it in the dark with nothing to warn it was there. And numerous other accidents. Many cars on the sides of the road with blown tires. Lots of vehicles driving without lights in the dark, hit many potholes, Could not dodge them because you cannot see them in the rain. Hit one big pothole so hard the truck spun sideways....into the oncoming lane of trucks. If I had 4 ply normal tires we would have blown them all. All most slid off the road in 2 curves because of a slime coating of mud flowing across from the hard rain.(only a 500 foot drop at the edge). Just like unexpeceted black ice in Alaska. Also had to swerve hard to just miss a 6 foot rock in the middle of the road at another curve from a landslide... I am sure someone last night hit that one it was in a bad location and very hard to miss. The rain, fog and mud flows were so bad I was driving in 4wd on the pavement with the flashers on just to keep enough control… We arrived back near 9pm. The girls now believe the things we write on the blog… Someone was praying. Steven… zzzzzzzzz slept through it all. His response “Ive been here before I know how it is, besides I prayed and went to sleep”… Somehow I think that would preach… just not last night.

Tough long drive 2am till 9pm driving in very dangerous conditions. yet there was a major blessing, our church here donated the money to pick them up, $150 in fuel, because we ran out of money before we ran out of month. We did not ask or even share the need with the church they just knew. It was a major giving effort on their part most only make $3-5 per day and the kids will be living with our church families while here. This morning they began by heling put up the church tent...without rain for now.... Keep praying!


At July 20, 2008 at 5:38 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

sounds like dangerous driving conditions.....praise God that His hand was upon you and you made it back safely! It's SO neat to hear how the Lord is working in the lives if the people in your church! To see how willing they were to give of themselves to help you out! Praise God!!


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