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Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a few addons to the post below

The 3 New Hampshire kids and Sasha are up on the mountain staying with Pastor Santos. Sasha called last night to say things are going well. They are now learning of the real Honduras. And their hearts seem softer. She told of a few things like they went visiting in-between church to some poor families. The girls are still in awe. With questions like 'do they do this every morning?' in reference to getting up real early to walk a mile away to have your corn ground to make the days tortias. (if you work 2 hours away and work is 7 am and mom makes the family breakfast from scratch...when does she get up?) 'Or where’s the forks?' Sasha had to explain only rich people have silverware and how to eat using the tortias as your spoon, Or 'Where do I change clothes?' Is everyone suppose to go outside (in the rain) for you to change? No you put on a dress and change clothes under it. Tomm they will be at the river washing clothes and Stephen will be helping pastor Santos.(no photos till they return). The kids will return worn out phy, mentally and spiritually...maybe even broken.

One story from Lisa. Pastor Santos' wife was in the ladies meeting and her group won an event and elected her to go up for a prize. Lisa had put out some of the things donated in the boxes sent down as prizes, stuff animals ect. Amazingly we had a regular unused(in our house?) tonka truck on the prize table. She looked at Lisa and said this too? Yes it is available you may take it as the prize. She picked it up and began to weep. She never thought she could give Angel(ann-heel) a toy like that.(Cynthia and Angel are the orphans they took in, their parents both died of aids 2 years ago members of their church)
On the Christian road carrying our cross, when we falter under the pressure and cry out "LORD I cant" sometimes the LORD gives us the drink of water needed, but sometimes he just lets us see someone else much smaller pass us carrying a much bigger cross having received much less from the LORD with a cheerful heart glorifying the LORD. We can lower our head in shame and either quit...or repent and let the hurt be our sting of a whip that tightens the muscles of this weak flesh to realize we can and must continue the path set before us. Amen
Unworthy Barry


At July 29, 2008 at 9:37 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Wow, that story from Lisa was very touching.....some things words just can't say. Praise the Lord that Pastor Santos' wife was able to be blessed at the lades meeting!

God is so good!!

Praying for you all....


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