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Friday, August 8, 2008

Sweat equity in heaven

The New Hampshire kids are gone. A little worse for wear, but the LORD rubbed off some sharp edges and began to polish them while here. Cami left some sweet comments on the last few blog posts. No rest for the weary though, the work here does not stop, like ocean waves it keeps coming, just the intensity changes. Want to know how much we sweat here look at the back of Javiers' 60 year old dad's shirt.....After "mowing" with a machete.

The roof is now complete on the entire structure of the Children’s Lighthouse. Still need to pour floors. We finally moved the VBS equipment from the container to the bodega (warehouse) on the property. That is a major headache removed. At the old location the container had to be cut open and welded shut every time there was a need to enter it because of the multitude of robbery attempts. Only the LORD kept it from happening. We started welding it, after the 3rd set of 4 locks had been broken off (just the locks were expensive) and they manage to remove all security but could not figure out how or did not have enough strength to open the old rusty door…so we began welding it shut from then on.

The medical team will be here in a week to minister in Colonia. Ermita (our dentist here) volunteered to do dentistry if they could provide meds…Dr. Waller drove 250 miles yesterday to p/u the free donated dentistry meds. Amen. Pray that our support level somehow rises. With all of the rising prices as of late it is becoming increasingly difficult to subsist. Once we are at the Lighthouse property that should cut some expenses, but that is still a ways off. A mountain of things yet to do to make it livable.

And living in the tropics, now we are dealing with malaria in our 4 year old Ericson. Only because a ministering saint gave a little extra yesterday, did we have the funds to test him and buy the meds. Strep infection has been going through the family and church so at first we though it was the same as the others. But his has lasted too long and has many of the malaria symptoms. He was just listless and fell asleep on the tents while we were unloading yesterday.

The lil guy needs a few prayers as do we.



At August 8, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

It was good to see the progress that's being made on the building!!
Poor Eric....we'll be praying for him and the rest of you. It was good to see a pic of Alba and her smile again too!!

Lord willing you're support will be raised soon. You're all on oue prayers....


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