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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Distressed decisions

Dentists, doctors, dirty carports and distressed decisions … I had an invitation to a preachers conference from a like minded missionary in the capital. We took seven of our pastors and wanna bees to it, and it was really good. Pastors from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatamala, US and Honduras were there. We also brought then a truckload of scripture to share and distribute. Our men were loving the conference and wanted to stay longer but we were not prepared to do so. IE not enough $$ and time. 2 of the men had to get back for work. One preacher returning with us to the mountain had his congregation still waiting (100 folks) as we arrived an over an hour late for their reg tues service. (tried but could not call them). Plus we picked up a member’s grandfather in the capital who has prostate cancer and is quite sick and needed to return to our city (The truck now stinks really bad…urine, vomited rotten food in the seats and carpet from the a sickening curvy mountain ride back) wee… One of our pastors led him to the LORD a few weeks ago…The least I could do is go the second… 100 miles…None of our men had been exposed to Ind Bapt preachers preaching to preachers(Turbo button on the pulpit) And want more…We were kicking around some Ideas on the way home and thought about maybe a weekend all night revival service in the Lighthouse(when it is more ready) and invite some preacher boys down here to our mission where its hot and preach a yard from hell….That means it’s a earshot to paradise. Hmm?

Our wend. service was again in our carport with 90 or so packed in. One of the men wanting to get married came forward for salvation, an answer to prayer. Amen
During prayer time several adults along with several youth offered to pray, Isis and Nancy were two of them and moved the heart of congregation in fervent prayer. Suyapa came at the beginning of service crying. Her baby had gone listless. Lisa rushed them to the pay hospital. The baby was very malnourished, from lack of care and parasites and had severe amebic dysentery, after an IV, antibiotics ect he was doing better. The doctor talked to Lisa privately and asked her to keep an eye on them. I will be giving him another shots today. Recardo saw Ermita our dentist earlier in the day to have his double row of teeth removed. Now he has a more normal smile and less pain…many of the kids need dental work.

I was sitting at the Children’s Lighthouse property yesterday, listening to all the kids play…and ask for water every 2 minutes. Looking at all the work done, then realizing all that still needs to be done…as my eyes began to welt tears, the reality and weight of what it is going to take to run this ministry, once it is in full gear, began to overwhelm me. Then the weight of other needs, the churches that need built, feeding kitchens, the shipping supply line of food donations ect. It is way beyond what we can do in our current supply. Much has been done already to the Glory of the LORD through ministering saints, sacrificing for all the different projects and special offerings. For this we praise and give God all the glory and it needs to continue. But through it all our base level support has not changed much. Our regular daily expenses continue to rise both in costs and increase load. Ie more mouths to feed at a higher cost per mouth. We struggle just to buy food and pay utilities. And it limits how we minister, When Lisa runs to the Hospital for a sick child the money is taken from something else for there is none to spare. Our bank account sits many a week with less than $50 in it.

Then it hit me. Why not ask some of the Godly men who have been here, who know us personally, and are vested deeply with us in this ministry, all of whom are in ministry and preach… to visit some churches and speak from the heart. The apostle Paul interceded in this way. I returned home to call and see how the response would be. The first reply was “Brother I would go anywhere in the world for you, how can I help?” Amen!
The LORD knows exactly what we need and when. I am hoping to get them geared up to visit churches early next year. The intercessory team can share our burden from first hand experience and share their hearts.
Now we must find churches with an open door, pastors and congregations with an open heart… If anyone knows of ministries that are open enough to allow them to come in share the burden, and just let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Please let us know.

Call me at 603-397-0606(USA line) or email at

All in a days work for the ministry of our wonderful Saviour,
Unworthy of such a task and honor,
Barry Ritchie


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