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Monday, March 30, 2009

A slow day?

Sunday service was full, one visitor brought by Suyapa walked the aisle for salvation. Amen! We had some clothes donated, and after going through them for our kids, Lisa set up for a used clothing give away in Church, it was needful and well received. It was Carlos’ birthday Sunday too, making it a full day of events. Add to that the kids picked a truck load of mangos to also give away in church.

The donated corn is in the hands of the freight shippers in Gulfport Miss. It got caught by some rain enroute to the container so prayerfully none will go bad before we get it.

Still chasing thieves off the Lighthouse property. The kids were playing in the building and saw 3 more people sneaking in the woods up the hill behind the building and began to scream “daddy…gun”. The men threatened them by yelling down they would kill their dad (me) if they did not quit yelling. They yelled even louder behind the locked door of the building. I arrived a moment later and fired off the starter pistol we have. (shoots blanks only but looks real) That set them to running back over the mountain. No work is currently being done on the Children's Lighthouse, time and money are lacking.

Our first 2 groups of Bible Institute students (15) are finishing the first year of classes 2 other groups have a ways to go yet. It has taken a while to complete for it is a full college couse of courses trying to do them at night. I am hoping to do a certificate ceremony for them to encourage them to continue. They already have a better understanding of scriptures than many pastors here. Amen!

Purchasing the San Geronimo Church property has been on the back burner in action but not in prayer, no funds have come in to help and it seems so far out of our reach. The Group that is selling it approached us this week and lowered the price if we would commit and buy it. It is now down to $6400 from the original $8500 asking price. Which is a very good price for property, building and well. With the congregation already in the building. I doubt it will go lower. Like everything here it is in the hands of the LORD and his ministering saints...Amen.
Nov 15 blog post link

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Here is a photo from Nov

As for the hair cuts on the boys. Saturday I was cutting hair and gave some of the boys weird haircuts to see their reactions. After 30 minute of laughter and playing the embarrassment wore off and they wanted to keep them…no I don’t think so, and ran them back under the clippers. The teachers from the school called me for a ride to pick up the schools curriculmn today. So 2 months into the school year the kids now have text books…progress.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At March 30, 2009 at 5:22 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Praise the Lord for one more soul that was added to his kingdom! I'm glad you were also able to be such a blessing to so many people by giving away all those clothes!

Tell Carlos we said hello and happy birthday!

I am praying for your safety at the lighthouse. I am also praying for the situation about the church.

Tell all the kids I said hello and miss them all so much. We have to call you soon and talk!

Love and Prayers....

At March 31, 2009 at 9:09 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Praise God for another soul being added to the kingdom!!! You'll be in our prayers for safety while on the property. And for the funds needed! Thanks for the update!

Love and prayers,


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