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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giving Lisa Some Sugar

We’re still moving forward on the church here in Choluteca. The men started putting up roof panels today in hopes for a Wednesday service in the building instead of in our carport. It has been a blessing to watch the church building come together. Still lacking much to make it functional, but under a solid roof is a vast improvement over the tent of the last 3 years.

Other news and requests. A 40’container of food is about to ship from Directline Ministries. They also send us a Christmas container with shoeboxes for the impoverished children. Pray we have less issues to deal with this time. In the past we have had a lot stolen or taxed with invented fees or outright extortion to the point you want to just quit doing it…. Till you see the faces of those it goes to and suffer through it yet again.

Two church groups are to visit in the next 40 days. The first will be a part of the institute graduation the second will help on the Lighthouse property or church.

Toño fell off the back retention wall (Playing where not allowed) and we thought he might have broke his arm. After a trip to the doctor he only needed stitches…

Lisa Update. She is resting as ordered and under meds and finally doing a little better. She went out to lock the gate the other night and a drunk man stabbed her with a wire. Thankfully it only went in 2 inches and did not hit any organs. But it meant another night in the hospital being checked out and given IVs ect. She is finally getting over an illness that caused vomiting which opened her incision yet again.
During all this I saw a rare sight here, a white baby Chihuahua, and thought that would cheer up Lisa a lot more than teddy bear. I was right. She named it Sugar… So now she says I gave her some sugar for a get well present….hmmm Amen?

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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