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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ouch ouch ouch....Count it all Joy.

Sitting here typing in a chair I made from a junkyard car. Why you ask? Well, as I get older it gets harder and harder to rise after sitting due to bad knees, so I made something more comfortable.. (Middle age, when pretty is over ruled by function.) Then yesterday I threw my back out carrying welding stuff for the church project. Now it hurts to breath, sit, walk or lay down. Wee

The Doctor readmitted Lisa to the local hospital today. She got sick over night, vomiting ect, and ripped out her stitches again. Its now the third time. The doctor took out the stitches at the normal time,(For normal people- Lisa has always healed real slow) only to have her whole incision reopen in the middle of the night. I had to tape her back together as she held her gut together, and call the Doctor from Tegu to sew her back up several hours later. But those too are opening up. Today, they put her on an IV to administer meds and rehydrate her. It alway takes 4-5 tries to get a vein. The first meds were to stop the coughing and vomiting, but made her shake real bad. Then meds to calm the shaking. She seems to be doing better but time will tell. Still need prayer, they want to keep her all night. Not out of the woods yet.. o
k not woods rather Jungle here. Plus, Sasha will be returning to college monday

The men of the church were asked by Pastor Santos to preach in a new area he is trying to reach, La Picote. I was out of commission, so they took Barry Jr the Kia and video/audio gear to the mountain to do the outreach. Carlos said it was a tough event Lots of folks with hardships, needs and odd religious ideas. They all waited a while for the rain to subside and people to show up ubder a tree. The men then showed a gospel witnessing movie and preached. It will take a lot of work, going house to house to build a ministry there. Our men started working on the church construction at 630am then headed for the mountain at 1:30 pm and returned at 10:30pm…reminds me of bus ministry days in Florida yikes.
But seeing our men make the effort, after a ½ day of building the church building here in the city, was a great reward in itself.

Speaking of the church building, it will prayerfully be under roof in a couple of weeks. The area above the pulpit now has a glass cross inlayed in the brick. It was cheap to do but what a change it makes. Pastor Enemsio is making the double entry doors. They will also have a raised wooden cross on them that will split as it is opened. Kind of symbolic, you must come through the cross to see the light. It is the Cross Baptist church in the Cross neighborhood… Amen. As it stands, there will not be enough funds to finish but the men are working like there will be… Just waiting on the glory of the LORD to continue….

Carlos had someone break into his house while he slept a couple of nights ago and stole everything. The laptop we gave him for institute classes he taught, his money, tools even the meat and pepsi in his fridge. The thief returned last night and attempted to get in again. But Carlos was awake this time and screeched his machette across the door in an attempt to scare them off... then the thief did the same on the other side... Luz his wife and daughter Cindy are terrified. We asked Pedro to build better security on his house, and Omar is staying with them tonight and Barry Jr tomm night. He has lost alot, his study tools for church and institue, food, funds, valuables and more is missing with no real way to replace it. Welcome to Honduras.... A great place to store treasure in heaven but a bad place to store earthy treasures...


At September 1, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

I'll be praying for your wife's recovery, and safety while up in the hospital. We'll be praying for your health too. Carlos' family and funds for the church building will also be in our prayers.
Keep pressing onward, through your "jungle"!!

God bless, love and prayers...


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