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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Choluteca Christmas 2009

Christmas in Honduras is almost over. Lisa made all kinds of treats and a traditional meal for all of us. Lisa had the ladies of the church sew up 500 stockings to hand out in all the churches. Each had a small gift, candy, a John/Romans, tract and a coloring book Lisa made telling the Christmas story, and a cut out manger scene. We distributed them in the mountains and the city, preaching as we went. Our Christmas shoebox container will be here in Jan so this was a filler idea of Lisa’s. Almost everything was provided in the last container Directline Ministries sent 2 months ago. Amazing how the LORD does that; Preparing the way before we even know. After the evening traditional meal, the kids gathered around for the story of Christmas, drinking homemade hot cider (a first for them) and eating treats Lisa made. She also gave some pies( unknown pastry here) away to folks in the church. Two weeks ago we were struggling and wondered what we would do for Christmas for all the children. I knew whatever it was the children would be content, but the LORD would need to provide. Just as He had taken care of the bills The LORD also took care of this as well. Ministering Saints ministered again and the children were poured out a blessing. Kids here are the same as in the USA. We get some toys with everyone in mind but someone has to open them, sooo… Dumas opened a present with his new clothes and I said Smile for the photo. He happily did so. When I took the photo of him opening the Tonka truck a few moments later… I did not have to ask him to smile. Hmm, wonder why that was? It took the other boys 2 years to wear out the last one… that says a lot for these guys… they can wear out a hammer.

The past week the boys and I have opened up riding, walking paths into the dense rocky Lighthouse property. Over 1000 meters so far. Lots of work, I don’t know how explorers did it hundreds of years ago but I give them a lot more credit now. Need to do something special for Jr and Toño. They missed out on all the Christmas events guarding the Lighthouse property these past several days. Barry Jr is considering going off to Bible college in the fall. I told him I would support whatever decision he makes, but we are not in a position to help much. Sasha is making it with help from a ministering saint, but still rarely has a dollar in her pocket and likely will not be coming home this summer for the same reason.

The hardwood inlay for the church doors were also done this week by one of the men of the church… and Jr. (Like Sasha did, Jr will leave a huge hole in the ministry and family) The windows also have the 10 commandments written on them. It has been a bumpy ride this year but the LORD provided in all things and next year looks bright and the fields are ready for harvest…till the trumpet sounds.
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


At January 3, 2010 at 10:29 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Amen, keep pressing on! Thanks for the update on what's been going on over there!

God bless, praying for you all!


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