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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint Valentines Day Christmas?

The container arrived with nothing stolen AMEN! But the big sign posted in it and police made the customs agents upset and it has cost in different ways. I went to the capital to talk to them and finally relented to their “fees” and got the container released. Omar rode with the truck driver to Choluteca to witness to him. We finished unloading it at 4am on Saturday and began distributing gifts by 1pm the same day. So far we have given out Christmas gifts in 5 churches still have more to go, plus outreaches, but its already been fruitful. Marc Antonio preached yesterday in San Geronimo to a large group in the street in front of homes and 2 adults trusted the LORD plus several children. La Cruz was a packed house today with near 160 people under preaching. Last week the whole church loaded up in a really big bus and went to visit Fundamental Baptist Church near Cedeno. The our men sang specials as well as our ladies group. Great time of fellowship. I was worried because I had offered to pay for the bus and had no funds. The bus owner, who sat through the service, afterwards said it was paid by the LORD he could not charge for doing the LORD’s work…amen! After 4 years in Honduras, I think I know a little how Peter felt when he walked on water… and looked away. Amen. We live by faith in so much here. I have seen so much and yet still often falter, worry or doubt at times. The big things are easy, it’s the little daily worries that chip away it seems. Like now, though the LORD has blessed in so much I wonder where the next will come from to fill our ever growing but leaky bucket of blessing and needs. So many ministering Saints have done so much I feel we might be come a burden more than a blessing to some.

Examples, Right now we just received a bill for the container…customs wants another $650 on top of what we already paid. If we don’t pay it we face court battles and would not be allowed future containers… Our Visas come due next month and it cost near our whole month support to renew them again. Still need more supplies for school. Need to put in 600feet of triplex electric wire at the property to finish what we promised we would change. On the way back from customs I hit a tire in the road and damaged the Kia trans. Not major but another thorn so to speak. The well died again thankfully it was just a faulty capacitor and relay this time but more $. Weekly food expenses. Weekly fuel expenses. Did not have the $10 for fuel available for Colonia and Geronimo preaching. Still need to pay for work done at the Lighthouse because we used those funds to pay the customs agents last week… None of these things are a big deal but it is a bothersome things to keep on your mind.

Kathryn asked if her birthday could be at church so we combined it with today’s activities. Everyone got presents. Lisa baked cupcakes for all and distributed them with presents after church. And of course the traditional piñata. Sitting in a packed church building, and hearing of those saved this week, always seems to make the issues of the day seem so less dim…Amen.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At February 14, 2010 at 8:34 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Thanks for the update! Seeing the pictures of the kids and their smiles was priceless! Brought tears to my eyes seeing Ricardo. He's grown up so much. You're all in my prayers! Praise the Lord for how He is working! Looking forward to hearing how He is going to continue to work!

God bless, Love you all!


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