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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes things just break under the load.

Still working on delivering the Christmas Shoe boxes. Brother Sabas made 4 benches for the church in Trapeche, loaded them on the old Datsun, then went with the men and he preached Saturday. He was the first person to preach when we first started going to Trapeche 2 years ago. There were many(200+?) sitting under the old tree as he preached, some crowed on the new benches, some on the roots of the tree, some on rocks or the ground, or chairs carried in, yet in this unconventional church service, 3 adults and a teen came forward to get right with the LORD. AMEN! So many things here teach what it might have been like in the days the Lord Jesus walked Israel. After services they handed out the Christmas Shoeboxes, Yes, we’re still doing Christmas presents, but it is a blessing anytime. Still have 2 more churches to deliver as soon as the KIA is back on the road and we can go up into the mountain. Broke the frame this time, I think when we blew the tire carrying bricks for the church. Soo, as a southern boy raised in Alaska would do. If you gonna spend the time to take it all apart and fix it might as well modify it too. If we broke it from overloading it and driving it on really bad roads don’t just fix it to baby it, make it so it can carry more. We had oversized tires for it in the container 2 years ago not being used and ministering saints donated steel and items to make it into a dump bed, all we lacked was a few bolts and the time to do it… when the frame breaks you make time… Jr has done much of the work just following a few instructions here and there. As we were welding a man in a horse cart came down the road and asked if we would weld his broken cart. He was poor as dirt, makes money finding scrap wood and selling it to cook with. Of course I couldn’t just put a weld on the cart knowing it was junk, we had to make it stronger too. As unto the LORD. He was worried how he would pay for it and very relieved when I told him we don’t work for men, but for the LORD. I also gave him a Bible and witnessed to him. Not sure if it all got through or if he was all there mentally, but he left praising God.
My Saturday was spent with Fernando. First thing in the morning he ran out to play, hopped on a tricycle and turned it over falling lip first on the end of the handle bars. Nearly cut his lip off. Rushed to the pay hospital and the special surgeon was called in to sew him back up. The Dr. used the smallest sutures available here so there would be less scarring…2 days later Fernando pulled some stiches out because it itched… hmm.
Church service tonight had most of the church at the altar crying out to the LORD. They are learning what the altar is for. Under the tent we never had anyone come forward pray, it was just to dirty to do so… with the new building it has opened another effectual door amen. The church has stopped construction for now, all funds depleted. Need the roof on the classrooms before rainy season, but now its time to wait on the LORD. We still owe $ on the the container of Christmas shoeboxes and our visas are due next month. Just trusting the LORD to provide as needed….Amen!
Lisa may be going to N. Carolina, Raleigh Durham area March 22nd for a week or so to see our 4th grandchild born and help out after the surgery. Thank you all for every rememberance.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At February 26, 2010 at 11:36 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Wow, I tell ya things never slow up around there! Praise the Lord that when you're doing HIS work, He always provides and makes a way for everything to get done! I'm glad that Fernando's lip was able to be stitched up! Looks like it would have been quite painful. Lisa will be in our prayers too!


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