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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preach in season...

Had a good morning preaching in a public school today. A new order by our new president is he requires public schools to make a time for churches to come in and teach and preach to the students and teachers… hmm. So we continue what we have been doing but now with the approval of the government. A pastor friend from the USA is here visiting, Seth Buckner. He had never preached in this kind of setting but did a great job to near 500 students and they asked him back for the other 500 students in the afternoon. at the invitation given by Carlos one by one they stood to come forward. Dozens of young people made professions. Amen! Not only does our support need to increase we need more labourers. Pray ye therefore…. Amen! We could keep a young Bible student preaching about every day in public schools….
Barry Jr got the well fixed. It was labor intensive but a simple fix. Thank you for praying.


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