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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things money cant buy

Things money cant even afford to rent.

Listening to a song called Thank you LORD. Not sure who it is but it always leaves a lump in my throat and this is some of my thoughts of the day.

Walking to church hand in hand with 17 Children’s Lighthouse children singing hymns.
Sitting in church and watch one of our small children get up and take the microphone and sing Jesus loves me…spontaneously. Have several children move over to hug you during prayers. Having orphaned children come up behind you kiss you and say I love you Papi randomly throughout the day.
Hear the men you trained come back excited that 3 souls trusted the LORD as Saviour on Saturday mission outreach.
Having a tearful 13 year old single mom thank you for delivering Christmas shoeboxes to her and her baby in the mountain…
Seeing the Ladies in your ministry who used to not even walk on the same side of the street now sacrificially minister at every event
Watching a 50 lbs child decide to walk the dog with a tricycle after tieing the leash to his waist, then see the others call the dog and the child launch from the tricycle to a full dead run and not move the tricycle one inch. The dog you ask is a Great Dane.
Listening to the prayers of abused, abandoned and orphaned children lift your name up to the LORD in private and public prayer. Also hear them pray for salvation of those who hurt them.
Having your almost 18 year old son ask if he can talk to a girl, and then he asks her parents too…
A sinner allowed to serve the trice Holy God.
Bowing to pray as you listen in a new church building filled with souls singing and all you can do is whisper thank you LORD.
Yes Honduras can be a difficult place (like being without water for more than a week waiting for funds to fix; then when you do have funds the internet and atms fry the cables and still no funds.. ect) But the best thing here is:
the atms for making heavenly deposits always work


At March 22, 2010 at 11:42 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

AMEN! Praise God for all of the blessing that He HAS blessed you with! You'll be in our prayers continually for all of the needs that you still have...

Thanks once again for sharing your heart...it always blesses me to see how you put your complete faith and trust in God for your EVERYTHING! Keep pressing on!


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