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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unity of Brethern

The theme of the day was Psalms 133 Unity of the brethren. We had the only other like minded church in our area visit with us today in a service. The church put it all together and it was a good time of preaching and fellowship after. We also had a relatively new visitor who could play the piano we have, so it was a melodious service. He practiced yesterday with our folks and it really made a difference. How great thou are was nice though we did have one incident when he offered and sang an unplanned “special”… But we had a good talk afterwards about it and explained why we don’t use that. He needs prayer, he was deported from the USA a short while back and thinks he can return shortly to his American wife in Georga. I fear its going to be a long wait so he might be with us a while.
It was a hot one today 105 degrees but the preaching was hotter in the 10 enemies of the church message…Carlos has become a good teacher/preacher. Last week the church voted to take him on for pastoral support. Amen, they are maturing. They still need a little guidance, but I now feel they would continue on without me and be fine, that should always be the goal of a missionary. One of our ladies fanned a visiting couple sitting in front of her the entire service to make them more comfortable in the heat. Blanca and Omar at their own expence brought in cold water to pass out. Just some of those things that tickle the heart…

Our kids are sick, well 16 of the 17 currently. I went to church alone today for the first time ever I think. We are still looking for the preferred meds but had a backup option using left over antibiotics to act immediately. Hopefully we will get what we need Monday. Also need educate Santos, to get folks off the mountain rapidly if the same symptoms reappear with others in the church or area. Can be spread like the flu or through mosquitoes… and we have entered the season for both.
Been a tough week on the faith in finances, been waiting for more than a week for enough funds to come in to take care of things, like meds, new motor for the water pump at the lighthouse, the container bill, and visas ect. Only a week before Lisa leaves. Have had some ministering saints promise to be covered some things. The Lord knows the needs better then we do and in that it is easy to rest.

Without buying any new parts Barry Jr and Brother Sabas figured out a way to finally install the bridge that was started when the last American group was here. Of course I had to test the strength of it, and the kids put it to use as the latest playground toy even before they got the other rope hand rail installed. It now looks as nice as it works. How do you keep bugs from eating wood in the tropics? Cover it in salt and diesel fuel…

Pastor Enemesio visited the Lighthouse this week in preparation for going up to Los Tererros. I always enjoy talking to the pastors from the mountains. He shared some of the stories and goings on up there. He also got a chance to talk with Sabas and asked him to come up and preach when we go… Amen Unity of the brethren, but unity in what? …Truth, for thy word is truth amen!

Please keep us in prayer on many fronts.
unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


At March 15, 2010 at 8:43 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Sounds like you had a great service over there in Honduras! Praise God for how He works in the hearts of His saints! Sounds like Carlos has been a great blessing to you and your church family! We'll be praying for you and all of your sick kids... "God will supply all of your needs, according to His riches in glory"..

Thanks for uploading the videos! It was so good to see the kids and just a glimpse of your church service!

God bless, Love and prayers..


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