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Monday, April 12, 2010


Just like our kids, I make a swing to sit in and they stand on the backrests to see how high it goes and walk up the slide.. hmm. There is room for 12 all at once.
Did manage to get some work done while Lisa has been away. Mostly thanks to help from Jr. The last bathroom is installed in the Lighthouse building (Lisa’s) But need to redo the tub. The tile lifted out first time water was put in it. Made a bed for Lisa so we can stop sleeping on the 2 twin beds side by side. (No 1950s tv jokes). Rebuilt the swing set and added cart swings and a slide. Didn’t take the kids long to test the welds(one broke).
Got an early morning visit from Pastor Enemesio. He needed help on the road going up to Los Tererros . He remembered the Kia now dumps and he wanted to haul material to the sections that muddy up and wash out during rains. Barry Jr finally got his drivers license Saturday and was more than willing to go. They loaded up corn to help pay some “volunteers” and spent the day moving material.
The church is praying and fasting this week. They are praying for the LORD’s will and hand in working a situation. The church’s Columbian neighbor stole a large chunk of the churches property prior to building. We discussed it back then, tried to talk to him but got nowhere, and finally felt the need to go to court about it. It happened more than a year ago and we are still awaiting a judges decision. I received a frantic call last week from Carlos about the neighbor tearing up trees at the church, so I went and talked to him. To everyone's surprise, the LORD allowed me to put out the fiery situation. At the end, all were amicable (for the first time), and everyone shook hands. I sensed in the conversation our neighbor wanted to find a way to end the court battle. Afterwards I talked to the church and they are planning to contact him about purchasing the section of property for fair market value. He has already built on it and would loose a lot if the judge side with us, which the lawyers believe will eventually happen. (We have all the correct and pre-hurricane Mitch surveys, and he does not.)

On a personal note our residency visas are due again. A large chunk of change we cannot afford right now. Plus they are requiring 30-50 people to testify that we are a legitimate non profit church mission because we must renew the corporation papers along with the visas. We have that many folks, but what a headache. I feel sorry for a new ind. missionary coming here not under an existing ministry, the laws keep changing making it more and more difficult. We were hoping to meet with the Immigration Lawyer when Lisa gets in tomorrow but it must wait till funds and all our things are in order…. They expire next week. In Honduras all is possible, just takes more effort, more time and more money and a lot of prayer to get it done. Thank you for each and every prayer,
unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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