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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

James 2:18 working faith...

We have been
having computer issues as of late. The one I am typing on is a laptop that the keyboard doesn't work, nor do the usb ports most of the time, so the cheapy plug in keyboard makes my spelling even worse, the DVD drive is dead. It has been dropped so it is bent and the battery is toast so it just quits when it wants to. In addition to our frequent power outages. But I have it hooked up to a cell on the roof to get 4kb internet. Do what you gotta do with what you got.  Lots of extra financial needs coming up on us. We must redo our paper work again for the government, ie funds for lawyer and docs for the mission. We just got other certification paperwork done, so we are offical finally a legal approved home for children,(only took 9 years) but still owe $300 to the lawyer for it. Jr's operation, we are hoping for January if funds permit. This on top of the normal expenses. But the LORD always seems to work it out. I sat down this afternoon and asked the LORD when we could go shopping for food? Lisa goes on monday often. We were at the min bank balance Sat. and as of this morning it had not changed. I then looked at email and someone had listened to the LORD and a raven came. Just enough for food. Lisa is out shopping as I write. What do you do when you are low on funds, not much food in the house and bills pressing? Well we take in another child, and give away food. We were asked to take in a malnurished 11yr old girl who has never been to school or seen her mom, dad is another drunk in the street. She visited with the government officials last month and asked if she could live with us. Would you believe her real name is Milagro de Dios (Miracle of God)? We will be taking 2 more children in at the end of the school year in a month . We also took food to neighbors in need who come to church. One girl began coming when she was pregnant at 12(now 14). We have helped her put a roof on her mud shack and in a few other ways like food today. Hard to hide from this verse in Honduras... Pr 21:13  Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

The problem in sharing ones faith is many do not have any to share...

The Lighthouse property church has been packed the last couple of months over 100 attending. In Part due to the new classes our bible students have began. I see the church growing spiritually through this. We also have one student now pastoring in a mountain church and has begun teaching the institute to 3 students. Another mountian church is hoping to build classrooms in January. Likely out of adobe. Still seeing the LORD move in mighty ways. Thank you for allowing us to fulfill the work of the LORD. Amen!


At October 17, 2014 at 5:05 AM, Blogger Robin Reynolds said...

Thank u Barry, for your faith. Its convicting! Praying for u folks!!!


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