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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Been quite the week so far. A 40 foot container of donations arrived, a new Kia was provided, and our multi church youth conference took place. A lot of work is an understatement. But blessing abounding as well. The container was filled with food, shoebox gifts, a frig, stove and a long awaited washing machine. Along with bibles and 2 million tracts... Should keep us busy a while. We took delivery of a new kia provided my ministering saints, and began modifying it to fit our needs as a people mover and ministry truck. Our first youth conference with more than 100 young people from 4 of our churches. They listen to more than 5 hours of preaching by our Bible institute students. Most of the lessons were on not following the worlds ways, proper relations and marrage. Strong stuff. Feed them lunch followed by a short game time, which were also life lessons/preaching of which they became the object lessons.  Taking them all back up the mountain left the old kia rear end complaining. Hopped in the new kia this morning to go to the river for baptisms from the campain in the other mountain. I was expecting 14 but it ended up as 28 believers entering the waters. One was a blind teen had I hiked in the mountain and gave a bed to her and led her to Christ... 4 years ago. One was a young man the pastor led to Christ more than a year ago but had not come to church or been faithful...He went at midnight pounding on the pastors door and begging him to pray with him and get right with God... Another, Angel the boy Pastor Santos took in after his parents died of aids. Then watch Pastor Ruis have the pastor's daughter wrap up his feet in plastic to keep the not so clean water out of his diabetic sores so he could baptise the new and old converts... Humbling to say....

the least. The new kia was broke in with a sermon preached from the bed and hauling kids for the Youth activity yesterday... amen!


At June 21, 2014 at 5:19 PM, Blogger Jim Kiefer said...

Great post Brother. We praise the Lord with you and look forward to seeing you in January.


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