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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thief Chasing

Outreach on the mountain last night. Our evangelist preached till 8pm and several young folks trusted the LORD. Then a gospel movie till 10pm home 11:30pm.(no electric up there so all power is from kia or Generator) Our preacher has been there all week visiting and helping the pastor stengthen a work that had been sifted. It has been nothing but good reports. On a unction, outside the door of the church, I began talking with and counciling a teen girl. She was in rebellion with her folks and God. She learned what was true salvation. And in tears she reconciled and prayed with her parents. Her dad was overwhelmed in tears as they hugged....hmm
On the way home coming off the mountain overlooking the city lights, the kids with me were excited to see the shooting stars. Get home only to find power had just came back on(we had all the back up lighting up preaching), dinner ready and Lisa and the kids had been chasing off theives all evening....( 9years in and it is still the same as the first week here, Soul winning and thief chasing..often they are the same job :)


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