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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Compel them to come in...

Amazing what one can make with 100 blocks, and old barrel and pot a little cement, few pieces of glass and a light bulb. The entrance walk way to the church is finally finished. Been hard to do without much money or time, so one has to be resourceful and creative instead. I think most ministry is that way. Now no one has to walk through the adjacent house's driveway to come to church. And most of our church walks in. Many would buy a concrete culveret toss it down in the drainage ditch and cover it, we opted for "inviting" instead. Compelling them to come in. The bridge is a welcome sign for the Lighthouse Baptist church and now a local landmark. It doubles as a gated entry, streetlight, bus stop for community and a source for drinking water for most who live with a 1/2 mile. Our well is the only clean water source and it is now plumbed to the bridge for public filling of water jugs. The lighthouse is actually an old barrel cut to a cone shape wraped in chicken wire and covered with cement. Stick a bulb on it with glued panes of glass around it and an upside down pot glued to the top, paint and presto, one lighthouse bridge inviting all to come to church and lighting the way...
The youth of the Lighthouse Baptist church have been practicing all month for a drama/sing presentation and had their first presentation this past Sunday. It brought in many first time visitors who came to see family. They will be taking it on the road to a couple of more of our churches as well. Lisa and the Lighthouse Kids also put together the last of the Joy gift bags from the container earlier in the year to handout to children in the churches. Did not think there would be enough but Lisa was able to augment the supply with things we had and divide them so most got a little something. Most of the children we deal with it is the only thing they receive for Christmas. Even in our home it is another struggling year. Our kids learning once again how to sacrifice for others. Keep us in prayer as well. Got another email from a church a couple of days ago informing us they had a business meeting and will no longer be able to support us. I am amazed how the LORD has kept us going here, I think it hinges much on the prayers of his ministering saints...


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