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Monday, October 27, 2014

take no thought... Mat 6:30

We had another good service at the Lighthouse yesterday. 110 in the service. The building was buldging out the doors with people. I watched as one of our ladies teaching the young kids bought chips and a bottle of drink to share with her class. No big deal? Not in Honduras,

it is only little short of the widows mite because of the poverty. A blessing to see. The kia was full 2x picking folks up and Lisa had a surprise for them after church. Every once in a while we buy bulk used clothes for the kids in pressed hay bails like the used clothing stores do. It costs $200-300 dollars but we get alot of clothes for very little per item that way for the kids... but we also get alot we cant use. It gets stored and gone through a few more times as kids grow and so on. Until it is finally time to share them like was done yesterday. We put out the clothes for our church to sift through... lots of smiles...

 Getting ready this morning the kids making breakfast and Enrique comes in with a new pet bed bug... We have huge spiders, grasshoppers, and beetles here... at least their is no question whether you have bed bugs or not...not hard to see at all. And quit friendly.


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